Total Body Third Trimester Pregnancy Workout + Family Fun

I did some hunting around for third trimester weight workouts and there really aren’t many out there.  I hate to see this.  Staying fit is such an important part of making everything from pregnancy to labor and delivery easier (my doctor can attest).  I have taken the intensity of my strength workouts down a notch and I have modified exercises, but I haven’t stopped them completely.  In fact, I put together a quick at home workout this morning.

photo 2-15Note, I am 30 weeks pregnant (so my bump is pretty big).  Also note, this workout could be done if you are not pregnant.  Total workout time was approximately thirty minutes.  Follow the sequence of exercises sequentially, repeating the circuit three times.

photo 3-167Equipment Needed – 

  • Gliding Discs
  • Set of dumbbells
  • Swiss ball

I began this workout with a short warm up.  Side steps, walking in place, hamstring curls, imperial walkers and some upper body and lower body stretches.  See workout below.

  • Squats x20 holding dumbbells by side
  • Shoulder press x20 sitting on swiss ball
  • Bicep curls x20 sitting on swiss ball
  • Sliding backwards lunge using Gliding Discs x20 each leg
  • Pushups x20
  • Standard plank x 20 seconds, left side plank x20 seconds, right side plank x20 seconds
  • Deadlifts to upright row x20 (if you are doing these right, you will have room for you belly)
  • Tricep Extension x20
  • Dumbbell side bend x20 each side

Again, repeat the sequence three times total.  This workout will hit your major muscles groups while also working your core.  Time stamp on the phone is 6:00AM.  I am still getting up early to squeeze in at home workouts.  Why would I do that?  To maximize the amount of time that I get to spend with my husband and daughter.

photo 1-190While visiting my mom’s house, I got hooked on completing a puzzle.  A few pieces at a time every time that I go visit.  My addiction has turned into my family’s.  My daughter has even started to try to contribute.  Thankfully, the puzzle is complete and we can move on.  Did you notice my bump single handily photo bombing this picture?

photo 4-128

I have been working on trying to find new breakfast options for my daughter.  Who knew avocado could be used as spread on toast?  After reading a recent article in Food Network magazine, I learned about the new craze.  Spread the avocado, drizzle with some olive oil and spring with salt.  Even I couldn’t resist.  Eat up!

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