A Year in Pictures – 2014

The big thing on Facebook right now is the slideshows of your year.  When I went to click through mine for 2014 I was a little disappointed.  It took me a second to realize that the pictures that were automatically generated were not an accurate description of my life.  You see, I didn’t post any albums or real check ins during 2014.  Everything evolved on my blog.  In order to follow the beautiful memories that I built during the year, you had to be opening up my page.  That said, I decided to put together my own photo montage of pictures from yet another year that seemed to have gone by too fast.  Happy New Year friends!

photo 4-117

Mommy-Daughter Selfies started young.

My daughter literally grew up before my eyes 

photo 1-174 photo 4-118 photo 3-155photo 4-120photo 3-157photo 2-28IMG_0981

photo 3-30photo 3-71photo 3-63photo 1-91photo 1-106photo-52IMG_1533IMG_1647IMG_1745My husband and I continued to make our own memories 

photo 5-14photo 2-34photo 4-98photo 3-125photo-39We went on family trips

IMG_1114photo 3-34photo 2-105IMG_1419IMG_1671IMG_1742But most importantly – we learned that we are expecting a new addition.  Cheers to 2015!

photo 3-116

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