Pregnancy Update – Week 27 (End of 2nd Trimester)

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of an eggplant.  Approximately two and a quarter pounds.

Weight Gain – 16 pounds.  Weight gain is back on track!  The holidays certainly help.

Movement – Lots of it.  All day long.  They say the baby should recognize my voice at this point. I’m sure that she also recognizes my daughter’s voice (and cry) as well.

Sleep – Getting better.  Let’s hope we follow that trend.  A solid, uninterrupted 6 hours is all I can ask for.  Even when my husband gets up in the middle of the night with my daughter, my mom instinct kicks in and I can feel her not sleeping.  I am still restless.

What I miss – My sister-in-law Colleen.  She jut rolled into the United States from Germany.  She spent the holidays with my husband’s family in New York.  While she was there, they threw her a wedding shower.  I hate that I missed it.  I hate even more that I will miss her wedding.  It’s less than 4 weeks from baby number two’s due date.


Christmas 2011 in New York with the Dufresne women.

Best Moments this Week – Christmas of course!  Did you see my post on baby’s second Christmas?  It was great to have family in town.  I am excited about having another child to enjoy the holiday with in the future.

IMG_1679 IMG_1708

Looking forward to – A special New Year’s celebration.  More details to be disclosed in next week’s update.  Here is a sneak preview.

IMG_0495 IMG_0496

Cravings – Sweets.  Sweets.  Sweets. Oh, and macaroni and cheese.  Get it out of my house!

Symptoms – Tired.  Congested.  Bleeding gums.  Same old, same old.  I hear that the first six years of your children’s lives are the most physically demanding on the parents.  The years following are more mentally demanding.  The grass is always greener.

Workouts – Still going strong with teaching!  I squeezed in three classes this week.  I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy being on the bike still.  I am still able to do what I am teaching the class to do.  In fact, I have found that I am better off teaching because I am less competitive!  Sometimes when I take class, I still find myself getting overly competitive.  No need for that.  With the holidays upon us, the torqboards were loaded.  Love that!


Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Tuesday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte.

Wednesday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Thursday – Day off.  It’s Christmas!

Friday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte.

Saturday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.

Sunday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte.  A quick view of the playlist is below.  So good to see so many familiar faces (and some new)!

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 3.57.28 PM


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