Pregnancy Update – Week 25

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of an eggplant (approximately 1.5-1.75 pounds)

Weight Gain – 15 pounds.  This week’s weight gain is not valid.  An awful bout of the stomach flu flushed through our house this week.  I literally couldn’t eat for almost 24 hours.  My main focus was staying hydrated.  Not the best case scenario for anyone (especially someone that is pregnant).

Movement – My lack of movement (when I was sick) did not deter the growing baby from showing its presence.  She must have been worried that something was wrong with me.  I’m glad that she is moving and shaking!

Sleep – B-A-D.  Between my daughter, my husband and I being sick, we were restless.  Classic fatigue after throwing up several times in a day.  Let’s hope this week is better.

What I miss – I missed my husband this week.  He was out of town Tuesday through Friday for a business trip.  Getting around with a fourteen month old is tough.  Sometimes you need a few minutes to catch your breathe.  Doesn’t it seem like you don’t realize how much appreciate something until it’s gone?  That was the case this week.  My husband’s style of play with my daughter is a much needed change for her in the evenings, at night and some days, so she was excited to see him when he got home.

photo 2-171photo 1-158

Best Moments this Week – Prior to getting sick, we kicked off the Christmas holiday by visiting the singing bears in Founders Hall.

photo 1-163We also found new ways to fill the days that my daughter is not in half day daycare.  First things first – My Gym.

photo 2-172After a great first session, we even hit up the Christmas celebration on Friday afternoon.  My daughter dressed in her newest Christmas outfit (in hopes that she would get her picture taken with Santa).

photo 1-166Too bad the closest that I could get was to physically hold her on my side that was furthest from Santa.  She was scared of this new creature.

photo 2-174Thankfully, she enjoyed the rest of the afternoon activities.

photo 4-112 photo 3-148You can see that growing baby bump in my more casual clothes!

Looking forward to – My next doctor’s appointment.  It’s tomorrow.  Nothing big happening, but I will get an update on heart rate, weight, blood pressure and measurements.  Looking forward to it.  Every appointment is special to me.  It is yet another step towards meeting our new addition.  Although I have been somewhat preoccupied this pregnancy with taking care of my daughter, I worry about this little girl growing in my belly every day.  I can only pray that she is as healthy and happy as our first daughter.

Cravings – Absolutely nothing.  I am writing this post just hours after recovering from a violent round of stomach flu.  For almost 48 hours I couldn’t even think about food.  If you know me, that is SO unlike me.  NOTHING was on my mind.

Symptoms – Again, bloody nose and pregnancy gingivitis.  My classic symptoms!

Workouts – Workouts this week were scheduled around my husband being out of town.  See my post on working out with a traveling spouse.  As mentioned above, I was also very sick.  This left feeling totally depleted.  Not a great time to be exercising.

Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD

Tuesday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte – double time (10:45 AM and 7:30 PM).  This is not an ideal situation when I am this far along.  I made sure that there were several hours in between my double, so I that could properly hydrate and refuel.

Wednesday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD

Thursday – Ride Flywheel Charlotte with the infamous Jenna Bertram!  See picture below.

Friday – Day off – Long night with my daughter left me feeling exhausted.  I was due for some rest.

Saturday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte.

Sunday – Day off – Recovering from the family bout of stomach flu.  Rested in bed most of the day.


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