Maintaining My Fitness With a Traveling Spouse

My second week of being at home with my daughter full time was highlighted by my husband needing to take a four day business trip out of town.  He had to take a flight, so he wasn’t coming home at night or watching my daughter in the morning (so I could go somewhere to workout).  I had little to no way to workout unless I prioritized it around her ever changing schedule.

photo 3-146I love this cute face more than you can imagine, but I also love getting some “me” time (even if it is just for fifteen minutes).  Prior to my husband heading out, we headed uptown to meet my husband and kids from my daughter’s old daycare to watch the singing bears in Founders Hall.

photo 1-163If you haven’t been, and you can get your kid to pay attention, the bears play Christmas songs and the conductor’s voice is that of the Charlotte Symphony that we all know and love.  It is truly a fun way to get kids out of the house, while getting a few steps in yourself.  By the time you park, pull a stroller out and walk to the location and back, you will log some miles (and smiles).

photo 2-171This is an easy way to keep your child engaged, while also getting yourself out of the house.  I have found that nothing is worse than sitting in the house all morning with an active toddler.  They get bored.  So do I.  My husband left early Tuesday morning.  Too early for me to get up and workout.  Lucky for me, my daughter goes to daycare for a half day on Tuesday.  While she was there, I headed straight to Flywheel to teach a quick 45 minute class, before heading back to pick her up.

photo-16I forced a good workout in on one of the only days that I knew I would have free time to go somewhere without paying a babysitter.  I have said this before, and I will say it again. Even when I am teaching, I am doing what I’m saying.  I work hard.  It is my only workout for the day too.

photo 2-172Wednesday we don’t have a daycare option, so unless I wanted to pay someone to come over so I could workout, I was on my own.  I opted to wake up early and do the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD.  I also decided to check out My Gym with my daughter.  We headed to the morning 14-22 month old class.  Perfect time for a child that naps right after lunch.  To my surprise, fellow Flywheel instructor, Meghan Lee’s daughter was there!  How cute are those two?

photo 1-164Ladies, if you want to take full advantage of this time, dress in free moving clothes.  Get down on the floor and play with these kids.  I was surprised how fast the time went by, and more so, how much exercise I actually did just chasing my daughter around. There is so much to keep her occupied.  My Gym turned into Madison’s (or My workout).  I will definitely be back!  Such a great way to get your child out and about on a cold or dreary day.

10858460_10205331113066717_1602856534243244663_nSo two days of workouts with no husband in town.  Thursday was yet another day I could drop my daughter off at daycare for half of the day.  Yes, that means I hit up an option outside of the house.  Thank goodness Flywheel is so convenient and efficient.  I ran into fellow instructor Miki and her daughter, Logan.  I also got to take the infamous Jenna Bertram’s class.  Fantastic!  Just what I needed to be energized for my day.  Like Tuesday, I packed things so I could shower at the gym and get on with my day as fast as possible before daycare pickup.  Prioritize!

photo 3-145

I have to admit, my ability to get workouts in while my husband was gone, was made easier by the fact that my daughter slept good Tuesday and Wednesday night.  The same could not be said for Thursday.  Maybe it was a sign that I needed to take a day off. I woke up in the middle of the night to two eyes staring me down and lots of cries.  I was up for two hours.  I succumbed to letting my daughter lay down in my bed, so we could both get a little more sleep.  I hate doing this.  I hate making her think this okay.  I was tired.

photo 4-111I slept in as late as my body (and daughter) would let me Friday.  I decided Friday would be a good day off.  If you are active with your child, you burn a lot more calories than you realize.  Core muscles if you carry them around.  Clearly, something my daughter was thinking about as she climbed onto the Bosu Balance Trainer box that was shipped to our house this morning.  Get ready for a lot more workouts using this equipment post baby number two.

photo 3-135
This week I proved that keeping up an exercise routine, while your spouse is on the road is possible.  You just need to make the time.  Whether you hit the gym on a lunch break or while your child is asleep, it is all about committing.  I have to say, I don’t know who is more excited about my husband coming home!

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