Finding Encouragement From Other Fit Moms – Part II

December first marked the date of my first month out of corporate America and officially staying at home with my daughter.  Last week, I highlighted a neighbor and Flywheel rider (Anna Anglemyer) who helped make my decision easier.  This week, I want to highlight a co-worker of mine that was a great example of what I hope to strive for over the next several years (Yes!  A co-worker of mine).

image2Meet Meghan Lee.  Meghan is a co-worker of mine at Flywheel.  While I only teach Flywheel classes, she teaches both Flybarre and Flywheel.  Similar to me, she graduated from college, moved to Charlotte and worked in the corporate world for almost six years.  It was after her first daughter that she decided to stay at home.  It didn’t take long for her to find her calling in the fitness industry.

10635707_10100208792171010_5498521737457136537_n-2When she took her first Flywheel class, she realized how varying her routine could open her eyes to new ways to push her fitness level.  At the time, she was considering getting certified for personal training.  Instead, she tried out to instruct at Flywheel.  Fitness transformed from a hobby to her way of life.  It is the best of both worlds for her.  She gets to do the job that she loves, ultimately feeling happy and de-stressed the rest of the day (when she is with her family).

1010298_525822804201456_1232980563_nShe even said that her proudest fitness accomplishment is becoming an instructor at Flywheel.  It is unreal to get paid to do something that she loves.  She is a little fireball.  This woman transformed her body post baby number two.  She gets to know all of her riders and pulsers and is willing to take the time to help them make fitness a priority (as referenced by her work in both the Flywheel and Flybarre Challenge).  SONY DSCWhat I love about Meghan is that she is so down to earth, yet honest at the same time.  She says it like it is.  She has made the most out of her decision to make a huge career change.  While she is at home with her girls, she is staying engaged through working at Flywheel (which is also what I hope to do).  She is setting a great example for her kids as they grow up.  She is a  role model for other women who are contemplating a career change.  I have gotten a lot of wonderful feedback from women in my boat (trying to decide whether to return to work).  My hope is that reading success stories about women who have fought through the same decision will make yours easier.  Part III of the series will be posted next week.  In the meantime, check out one of Meghan’s rocking barre or wheel classes!


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