Finding Encouragement From Other Fit Moms

As many of you know, the decision to leave my corporate job so that I could stay at home with my kids was an extremely difficult decision.  Before making the decision, I spent a lot of time reaching out for support from my family, as well as, many of my friends who were forced to make the same decision.  The response was overwhelming.  Everyone has been incredibly supportive.  Any doubt that I may have had, has been erased.  That said, one of the things that made my decision easier, was seeing other people around me staying engaged, fit and happy in their new role.

Anna Anglemyer – This sweet friend entered my life through Flywheel.  However, it only took a few interactions for us to realize that we were neighbors!  Anna has three boys, two of which are twins.  I can’t imagine.  Did I mention they are all very young?  The first thing I noticed when I met Anna was her soft spoken manner, how positive she is and how hard she works out (believe me, I have sat behind her in a Flywheel class).


Knowing her situation at home (with all of the kids), I wondered how she had the time to stay so fit and happy.  It was after a short conversation, that I realized that she is very much like me.  Her best advice is planning ahead.  All she (or anyone else) really needs is 30-45 minutes.  Incorporating that time with friends and the kids makes it even easier for her.  Think riding bikes, playing basketball in the driveway or walking to the park.  She even mentioned that she runs up and down a hill in a local park while her kids roll up and down it.  Love that idea!


While she has always enjoyed the benefits of exercise, after having her third child she had a more difficult time getting rid of post-baby bump and changed her entire exercise regimen.  What do you mean?  She is focusing more on incorporating core strength training and group exercise classes more.  It was when she changed her training that she saw the biggest benefit. After not running for several months, she reluctantly sighed up for a local 5K to support a good cause.  She shocked herself when she ran her fastest time to date and even crossed the finish line as the first place female.  How’s that for having three kids?


Her workouts typically take place at Flywheel Charlotte or Smartcore Fitness?  Hmm.  I talk about these places a lot.  They do wonders.  What I love about Anna is her great attitude.  Staying at home with your kids requires ALOT of patience.  Sometimes the workout or day that you had planned gets completely derailed, so you just have to move on.  That is a difficult thing for me.  I asked her what advice that she had for me (as far as staying fit with my new job) and she said that if I don’t have the time or resources to go to the gym, that I should take my kids somewhere to get exercise with them (park, track, backyard).  I should also utilize that dreaded jogger.  I guess I will try the double jogger when number two gets here.


As for staying engaged with her community, Anna is currently doing a lot of volunteering at her children’s schools.  I see her out all of the time.  Her energy is infectious.  She makes me excited to be around my kids more.  She makes me happy that I decided to make this significant change.

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