Pregnancy Update – Week 23

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a small doll.

Weight Gain – 14 pounds.  Nice and steady.

Movement – A lot more movement, which must mean it is getting stronger.

Sleep – With the holiday, I got a lot of rest.  Naps are pretty much out of the picture, but a good seven hours can get me through any day!

What I miss – Sushi.  I’m craving it.  We went out for dinner while in Roanoke, and I tried to find rolls that could curb my craving.  It’s hard with all of the restrictions while pregnant!

Best Moments this Week – Um, Thanksgiving!  Food, Family and Fitness.  Three huge parts of my life.  Did you see my post on our family fitness traditions? We crossed the finish line of our local drumstick dash with my daughter in tow!

photo 4-107

A few of my favorite pictures from the holiday are included below.


Looking forward to – My first full week at home with my baby girl.  If you hadn’t heard, I’m phasing out of work full time.  While I will still be teaching at Flywheel, I will no longer be in the office forty hours a week.  Day one, down.  I’m loving every second of it.

photo 2-160

Also, looking forward to the start of Christmas season.  Holiday parties, decorating, Christmas cards.  So much to look forward to every day!  It all starts with the decorating!


Cravings – Sweets.  Candy. Cookies.  It’s Christmas time!  I made my first bath of Rolo treats with my daughter over our Thanksgiving break.  You can get the gist in the picture below (even if this picture was from our Easter batch!).

photo 4-7

Symptoms – Nose bleeds!  Not bad, but definitely enough to make me feel uncomfortable blowing my nose in public.  Has anyone else experienced this?

Workouts – I was all over the place this week due to travel.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to ride much.

Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD
Tuesday – Morning Run
Wednesday – Elliptical
Thursday – Drumstick Dash 5k with Husband
Friday – Outdoor Bootcamp using City Resources
Saturday – Day off!
Sunday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte 7:30 AM

I am still running! Comfortably.  Check out the bump after my Tuesday run!

photo 3-140

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