Utilizing City Resources to Blast Through an Outdoor Bootcamp when Traveling

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures of our Thanksgiving day activities, let me remind you that we traveled to Roanoke, VA for several days.  Being out of town can definitely throw a wrench in workout routines, especially during the holiday (when things aren’t typically open).  That is the reason why I decided to mix things up by doing an outdoor bootcamp workout using a downtown venue located right in the heart of the city.

IMG_1160In the past few years Downtown Roanoke has made several improvements to their parks.  One of the upgrades included an amphitheater.  The picture taken above was from a visit of ours several months ago.  At the time, little did I know that I would one day use the space as a gym.  It doesn’t hurt to have a good view!

IMG_1161The amphitheater has several flights of spaced out stairs, railings and concrete barriers that are perfect for doing specific exercises. So, how did I get my workout in?  From the parking garage, I ran approximately  a half a mile to the location.  Great little warm up.

BwjF7EeIYAAUuV9.jpg-largeThat’s when the tough stuff starts.  The actual workout.  There are exactly five flights of stairs, so I made my mind up early that I would be doing reps in increments of five.  There are three parts to the workout. Each part engages the arms and legs in two different exercises. See below.

Part 1 – Squats and Pushups

Run up the first flight of stairs.  Complete 20 pushups and 20 squats. Run down the same set of stairs.  Once at the bottom of the stairs, run to the next set of stairs and repeat.  With five flights of stairs, you will complete 100 reps of each exercise.  Move to Part 2.

Part 2 – Steps Ups and Dips

Again, starting at the bottom of the first flight of steps, complete 20 step ups (10 each leg) and 20 dips.  Use a concrete barrier that is raised out of the ground approximately two feet.   Once you have completed the exercises, run up the stairs, around the top row and back down the last flight of stairs (essentially completing a “lap”).  Repeat five times, for a total of 100 reps.  Move to Part 3.

Part 3 – Supine Pullups and One Leg Straight Leg Deadlift

At the bottom of the first flight of stairs complete 10 supine pull-ups, using a railing similar to the one that we used in our Aruba Beach workout.

photo 2-47

Run to top of stairs.  Complete 10 one legged deadlifts on each leg.  Run back down the stairs and restart with supine pull-ups.  Do 5 sets, for a total of fifty reps each leg.

photo 2-67

Total workout time was approximately thirty five minutes.  I also squeezed in almost two miles between running in the workout and running to the start point and back.  This is clearly a difficult workout to completely copy, but it gives you some great ideas for utilizing what resources that you might have when out of town.

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