What’s Up With This Weather? Gearing Up for Thanksgiving!

So, in a week, the temperatures in Charlotte first thing in the morning have gone from as low as 16 to as high as 61.  How do you even plan your workouts with the weather fluctuating so much?

photo 4-12         photo 1-20

With a dip in temperatures last Sunday, I saw a rise in the number of riders at the Flywheel Charlotte studio.  When I checked the schedule on Saturday night, I noticed that every single class on Sunday had a wait list.  Incredible.  I don’t know if you have checked out the Thanksgiving holiday schedule, but it looks the same.  Since I knew I was going to have a large (even fun) group, I threw some surprises into my playlist. See below.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.44.56 PMEven better, look at the power numbers on the torqboard for just 45 minutes!

photo 4-102

You better believe, “Save A Horse” was in there.  The response was so fun.  Lots of “woohoos” and singing along.  I have to say, with the weather being so iffy, Flywheel Charlotte is one of your best options for cardio.  Let’s face it.  You know what you are going to get every single time you ride:  great music, a motivating instructor, a killer cardio workout AND an additional short arms circuit (all while staying warm and dry).  I’m biased.  A little, but it is so true!

photo 3-140That said, I have to admit, when I saw 61 as the temperature on Tuesday morning, I decided I had to be outdoors. How many more mornings (in the next few months), will I have the option to run in shorts and a tank top?  It was dark, so I grabbed my Black Diamond headlamp.  I know.  I look ridiculous, but the last thing that I need to do while running pregnant is fall.  Several streets in Charlotte are not well lit.  Having a headlamp not only allows cars to see you, but you to see all aspects of the ground in front of you.  It is actually incredible how easy it is to wear this device.  As I was finishing up my run, I was happy to find my daughter excitedly waiting!

photo 2-163Probably because I made her cinnamon rolls for breakfast (and my husband had already given her one).  This was an impulse buy at the store the other day, but a treat that reminds me so much of my childhood.  I sure do miss these things, and I do plan on buying/making them again.  It’s the start of the holiday season.  Little things like this remind me of how important it is to be around my family during this time of the year.  I’m looking forward to sharing ways we sweat together as a family and try to maintain our fitness while balancing all of the good food!

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