Pregnancy Update – Week 22

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a small doll.

Weight Gain – 13 pounds

Movement – Those little kicks are starting to get bigger!  It is a great thing to feel the baby moving.

Sleep – I slept like a rock this week.  My daughter is starting to get used to one nap a day. Introducing her to a toddler class daycare wears her out, so she is sleeping later in the morning.  That means mom sleeps later.  I’m taking advantage of this now.

What I miss – Believe it or not, nothing due to pregnancy.  I truly just miss the warm weather.  During week 22, temperatures were as low as 16!  It’s November.  Come on.  This is going to a long winter.  I guess I need to invest in a pregnancy coat (or get used to wearing my husband’s?)

photo 4-12 Best Moments this Week – We started setting up Christmas decorations this week.  While this is not a picture from this year, this is our tree.  More pictures of decorations to come. This is a special holiday in the Dufrense household.  Let the extravaganza begin.IMG_0469A big part of any Christmas is the Nativity scene.  My daughter apparently thought that my parent’s Nativity decorations were a doll house.  After several hours of playing with each person in the set, we later found baby Jesus in a cabinet.  Hence the reason why I bought her her very own Little People castle to play with.  It would be an understatement to say that she was pumped.

photo 3-138

Looking forward to – Thanksgiving!  We celebrate Thanksgiving with my family (since they are so close).  We also do an annual Turkey trot in the morning.  My plan is to run it again this year (at a much slower place).  Last year, my husband and I ran it just four and half weeks after my daughter’s birth.  My sweet girl was just a month old last year at this time!

IMG_1338 IMG_1339 IMG_0671

Cravings – Food!  I have been on overdrive.  The baby must seriously be growing, because I can house some food.  I’m wrapping up things at work, which is making me a little stressed.  I am looking forward to slowing life down a little bit (for at least a few months).

Symptoms – Continued pregnancy congestion to a much lesser extent.  I’m sorry if you catch me blowing my nose or clearing my throat.

Workouts – Lots of Tracy, Tracy, Tracy this week.  With the cold temps, I kept a lot of my workouts indoors.  Strength work has started to get extra tiring the further I get along.  Doing the Tracy Anderson pregnancy series is a perfect at home workout that I can do with little to no impact.

Monday – Lunch Hour DUFifty workout at the gym
Tuesday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte 7:30 PM
Wednesday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD
Thursday – Flywheel Charlotte Ride with Zach
Friday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD
Saturday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD + Neighborhood Run + LOTS of decorating!
Sunday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte 7:30 AM

Still keeping up with a decent run (or two) each week.  I even jammed out to a recent playlist this weekend.  You know it will be a good one when I use it in my own workouts to get pumped up!

photo 1-156 photo 2-162

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