Enjoying a Bachelorette Weekend While Pregnant

It has been way too many days since my last post. Give me a chance to explain – I was working on my first month end close at my new company (if you didn’t know I’m an accountant), my daughter was transitioning to a new daycare and I was preparing for an out of town bachelorette getaway. Yes, you heard that right. I was getting all packed up for my sister-in-law, Colleen’s, bachelorette party.

IMG_3910 While it might not seem like the first thing that a pregnant person might want to get involved with, I have to admit there are ways to have a great time while staying sober and getting some much needed rest. I actually went on a bachelorette trip during the first trimester of my first pregnancy as well (try keeping that a secret). Even harder, try leaving my adorable baby girl all weekend (see above).


I was lucky enough to marry into a family of four kids – my husband the only boy. His three sisters welcomed me into their life. I feel so lucky to have them. That’s what made this trip so special. With everything going on in our lives, we all found the time (and money) to coordinate a date that we could meet in Key West, FL for a celebration. I learned a lot from the last bachelorette that I went on pregnant.

IMG_3919 Biggest thing – finding my space. Let’s face it, I want to go to bed earlier than everyone. I want to get up earlier than everyone. I need to get up several times in the night to use the bathroom. I eat a lot. I booked the trip prior to me finding out that I was pregnant. While I had every intention of staying with the girls, I made a last minute reservation at a hotel within walking distance to where the girls were. I needed a place to rest (if I needed to). That I did.

IMG_3935 The first day of the trip was spent entirely getting everyone off of airplanes, into cars and checked into their designated rooms. While the girls decided to go out upon our arrival, I stayed in. After a long day of travel, I was ready to go to bed. How often do I get to sleep free from a baby monitor? I slept for almost nine hours. HUGE. I woke up and went for a run/walk to get my bearings. I can’t reiterate enough how much you can learn about a city after a short walk. Get out and explore.

IMG_3925 When the girls woke up, I immediately headed over to their room. I knew if I wasn’t going to be out late night, I needed to make a point to spend as much time as possible with them during the day and early evening. We spent a lot of time at the amazing pool. I have never appreciated relaxation like I did on this trip. I had no problem sitting around. It didn’t hurt that Colleen has the most incredible group of girlfriends to chat with. I felt like I had been reunited with my best friends from college. Who are these people that I feel like I have known my whole life?

IMG_3941The second night in town was the stereotypical bachelorette night. Matching shirts, lingerie shower and lots of attention. I joined the ladies at the bar until about eleven o’clock (right when things start getting amped up). I like to think I put in a valiant effort.


Again, as soon as the ladies were up the next day, I headed over to their place. We walked the area, again, exploring the town and checking out shops along the way. As lunch approached, we quickly found a juice bar and healthy living deli. Y’all nothing can relieve that beach bloat like a little juice, some water and a good healthy breakfast/lunch (see lunch above). I was incredibly happy to find this place. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool, followed by a quick walk down the beach.

IMG_3946How good does this group look?  Last night out, everyone dressed to impress.  We took pictures like tourists, watched the sunset and enjoyed our last night together.

IMG_3953I may not have drank, but I took out all of the extra calories that I would have had in alcohol on a double scoop waffle cone.  Excuse the expression, blurriness and frizziness (of my hair).   There was a lot going on in big mama’s life that night.

IMG_3951So what are my takeaways for being a part of a successful pregnant bachelorette trip?

  • Find your space – Don’t try to pretend like when people have a few drinks they don’t get loud.  Make sure you have a place that you can rest (when you need to).
  • Pack snacks.  Since you are not filling your stomach with booze, you need to get calories somehow.  I packed enough snacks every day that in the event that we did not eat (or skipped a meal), I was covered.
  • Don’t be afraid to go home.  These ladies were so understanding of the fact that I was not going to be out all night (that helped).
  • Go in with an open mind.  This is a bachelorette.  Things happen.  Make the most out of seeing everything with a clear mind.
  • Stick to a schedule (kind of).  I continued to walk/run and eat relatively healthy on this trip (outside of my HUGE cone).  Nothing makes you feel worse than falling completely off your routine.

IMG_3944I hated being away from my family, but this weekend I developed some incredible memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.  Had I used being pregnant as an excuse not to go, I wouldn’t have gotten to spend quality time with these fantastic ladies.  While I might not have known what I missed out on, looking back I now realize how important it was that I was there.  Pregnant bachelorette number two is in the books.  Hands down, best one yet!

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