Pregnancy Update – Week 20

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of an banana (approximately 10 ounces from last ultrasound)

Weight Gain – 11 Pounds. No weight gain this week. That must have been from all of the running around trying to keep up with my daughter.

Movement – Some days a lot more than others. Typically at its peak when I am at work.

Sleep – Everyone in the family has gotten more sleep than usual lately. I am afraid to get comfortable with this, seeing as though every time I think we are all on a good routine something changes drastically (think teething).

What I miss – Naps, naps and more naps. My husband and I are both very busy at work. On the weekends it seems like we spend most of our time catching up on house work, errands and quality time with the family. That doesn’t leave any time for naps. Did I mention that I slept almost an entire day once when I was pregnant with my first? Not happening this go round.

Best Moments this Week – Quality time with my baby girl. My husband was out of town for a night this week, leaving me in charge of the household and daily routines for a better part of two days. Easier said than done as a pregnant woman. At least it gave my daughter and me some quality alone time. We dropped by the toy store, walked the neighborhood, went shopping and made home videos together. I wish that I could get them to upload!

photo 2-154

Looking forward to – My sister-in-law’s bachelorette! You heard it. I’m headed to Key West Thursday morning for a few days of fun and sun. I had originally booked the trip not knowing that I would be pregnant. Doesn’t it always seem like when you start preparing your life for it not to happen, it does?

232323232fp73464_nu=32;8_732_593_WSNRCG=378286;949337nu0mrj CIMG2187photo21

I hate to miss out on certain aspects of the trip, but I am excited to spend time with two of my sister-in-laws that I do not see regularly (Colleen – the bride and Lindsay – the MOH). I won’t be able to make it to the wedding since I am due less than 3 weeks from the festivities, so I am going to try to make the most out of the weekend. I don’t get to see these girls enough. They were a part of my special day and have always treated me like a part of the family. The last two times I have seen Colleen I have been pregnant. I am beginning to wonder if she remembers what I look like when I’m not pregnant.

Cravings – This is the first week that I officially sat down on the couch at night and craved something. That would be chocolate cake. My husband and I finished off what was left of my daughter’s frozen birthday cake two weeks ago. I guess I never lost the craving. Instead of buying another cake, I hashed out a healthier version of devil’s food cake cupcakes. Check out the recipe in the “Recipe” section of the blog.

photo 3-136

Symptoms – Dare I say that cold symptoms have started to subside? My congestion has drastically reduced. Maybe I was sick after all. Other than that, the biggest changes in my body related to pregnancy are a protruding belly and a little fatigue. Go ahead and put on a ten pound weight vest (isolated to your stomach) for the day. It will wear you out!

Workouts – Great week of workouts. Really feeling upbeat about how much fun that I had working out with friends and teaching this week.

  • Monday – At home cardio strength circuit with baby
  • Tuesday – Teach Flywheel Charlotte 7:15 PM
  • Wednesday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD
  • Thursday – Treadmill running workout with Janis
  • Friday – Rest day/No exercise
  • Saturday – Flywheel Charlotte with Denise – great to be back with the early crowd!
  • Sunday – Teach at Flywheel Charlotte

Three days on the bike makes me a happy girl. The low impact exercise is perfect for someone who is bearing extra weight (i.e. pregnant women).


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