Staying Optimistic in Stressful Times

When I plan my day, it seems like I oftentimes catch myself focusing on the anxiety of the bad things that could happen rather than anticipating the good things that will offset them. A heavy workload does not scare me. In fact, I think I work better when I have a deadline and a lot on my plate.   All of my days in public accounting have prepared me to manage stress. That’s not to say that I necessarily enjoy it.   As another month ends and budget finalizations are in full swing, I find myself overwhelmingly busy at work yet again. The “to do” lists keep piling up.

photo 2-158

I have to admit that as I walked into the office this morning, I could already feel my shoulders tighten up. I am going on a girl’s trip next week. I have to wrap up ten reports before I leave. It’s all I can think about. After six hours of pounding away at my keyboard, I took a second to sit up straight, relax my shoulders and take a deep breathe. I was at a breaking point. You know that you point where you start to realize that you will actually be able to get everything done when you need to (assuming others do their part?). It was just the feeling that I needed to feel comfortable enough to get up from my desk to get some fresh air.

photo 1-153 I slept in this morning, so I had packed a bag in the event that I might want to work out prior to picking up my daughter from daycare. As anxiety about my day started to subside, I grabbed my bag and took my break at the gym. I could have never guessed that I would see one of my favorite people there – Janis Smith. I jumped on a treadmill and waved her over. She jumped on beside me. She made my day. This was the good thing that I needed that I never could have anticipated happening as I was starting my day this morning. She laughed at my pace (while she cruised almost a minute per mile faster than me). She took videos of what pregnant running looks like. She made me laugh. She made me forget about work and even working out. I ran three miles in thirty minutes. I enjoyed every second of it. I realized that my actual day was turning out completely different than what I had planned.

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