Pregnancy Update – Week 19

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of an onion (approximately 10 ounces from ultrasound)

Weight Gain – 11 Pounds

Movement – Still the same little movements. Again, if this was my first go round, I would probably mistake this for my stomach digesting.

Sleep – Sleeping way better than usual. We seamlessly transitioned moving the clocks back (which gave everyone some extra sleep). My daughter stayed up an hour past her bedtime Saturday night in hopes that she would sleep an hour longer. She did!

What I miss – Normal socializing at children’s parties. If you saw my post about our Halloween block party, you probably know that all of the parents on the street got the kids together prior to trick or treating. Not only does my daughter try to get around like she is five years old, but she has no fear. I literally followed her around for hours, interrupting several conversations to chase after her. About half way through the party it set in that I would likely be living this lifestyle for the next several years (when I bring my kinds with me). Cue the baby sitter!

Best Moments this Week – Halloween was SO much fun. Even with all of the running around, it was great to see all of my neighbors. Even better, see all of the kids together.


My parents came in town to visit with us for my daughter’s first Halloween. They stopped by the block party and helped give out candy to the trick or treaters. They also babysat my daughter, so my husband and I could go out for a date night Saturday.

photo 1-152 She clearly didn’t miss us. They got her an electronic princess car for her birthday that stays at their house. She is finally figuring out how to get on and get off. Next up: figuring out how to push the button to go.

photo 2-156 My husband and I went to dinner at a local restaurant that we always seem to forget about – 300 East. With no reservations, we were able to squeeze in right at 6:15PM. Had we waited any longer, we would have been waiting. We settled into a cozy single person booth and caught up on the week.  I ordered the crabcake entrée. It was calling my name. When a restaurant offers an item as an appetizer, on a salad and as a side to a meal, it must be good. Indeed it was.

photo 3-134 I’m not going to lie, I did have order envy over my husband’s dinner. He ordered the special – local farm pork belly with root vegetables. Noticing my jealousy over his meal, he offered to let me have a bite. It literally melted in my mouth.

photo 4-101 Dinner was quick, so we passed on dessert at 300 East, so we could head over to our favorite place to get a non-alcoholic after dinner treat – Pikes. I have talked about this place in prior posts. As we walked to our table, I passed the display showing all of the fresh cakes and pies that would be offered that night. Ahem. Nestle toll house pie a la mode. Easy. Covered in hot chocolate syrup. Enough to put a smile on my face!

Looking forward to – Teaching a new class time at Flywheel Charlotte. Tuesday, 7:30PM – here I come! Since I am still feeling good, I have no problems taking on an evening class. This gives my husband plenty of time to get home from work, and there will be no arguing over who gets to go to the gym in the morning! I used to teach this class (prior to having my daughter). Check it out!

photo 5-51

Cravings – I’m sorry. Nothing? Since I worked in a business for so long where my meals were usually chosen by someone else, I pretty much roll with whatever we have (or wherever someone else wants to go). I just need you to feed me. There is no bird picking in our family. We like a big meal. Dare I offend some pregnant women by saying that I think cravings during pregnancy are as false as “eating for two” (we all know that’s not true).

 Symptoms – I’m going to continue to think that I have pregnancy rhinitis. Essentially cold like symptoms with a TON of congestion and nasal discharge. Hoping it goes away, but I am prepared for it to last the entire pregnancy. Next doctor’s appointment is the third week in November, so I will confirm when I am there.

Workouts – Weather is getting colder, which means I will be inside more (especially with all of this congestion).

  • Monday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD
  • Tuesday – At home cardio strength circuit (see workout in link attached)
  • Wednesday – Flywheel Charlotte with Denise
  • Thursday – Tracy Anderson Pregnancy DVD
  • Friday – Cold weather run
  • Saturday – Flywheel Charlotte with Steve (it has been a long time coming since I rode with him)
  • Sunday – Teach at Flywheel Charlotte, walk with family in neighborhood (my daughter and her cousin Mila can fit in the wagon that we got her for her birthday).


I would like to be running more, but I am more comfortable being on a bike indoors. As it gets colder, this will be the case more and more.

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