Cold Weather Running + Halloween Fun

Could it be?  Is the cold weather finally here to stay for the fall/winter?  It sure is dark in the morning on my runs now.  The days are getting shorter.  The clocks change this weekend.  If I get a morning weekday workout at a location outside of the house, it is typically because my husband has decided to sleep in.   That was the case Friday.  Thing is, I had no idea he was going to sleep in until he actually did.  That said, I was not prepared to be anywhere at a specific time. Road run it is!

photo 2-155I checked the temperature before I headed out and quickly realized that winter gear would be necessary.  At 5:30 AM it was also pitch black out.  Grab the head lamp.  If you are not used to running with a head lamp it doesn’t take long to get adjusted.  It is amazing the difference that this little light makes.  Your whole perspective of outdoor running in the dark changes (in a great way).

photo 1-151I ran an out and back loop before circling around my street until my mileage hit right at 4.00 miles.  Who wants to finish at 3.93?  The cold weather was actually refreshing on my lungs and very comfortable.  It was also great knowing that my workout was over in anticipation for a big day of Halloween festivities.

photo 4-100The festivities started at my daughter’s daycare.  The center held a Halloween parade.  The kids were asked to put on their costumes for the parade before walking around with their class outside.  My husband and I both took a few minutes out of our workday to check it out.

photo 3-133Our little pumpkin.  I will admit that this was my costume on my first birthday.  My mom kept this for me to share with my child.  Thanks mom!  She loved it.  The simplicity of the costume made it pretty easy for her to get around in.

photo 5-50Can you see her in the back with the sun shining on her and my husband?  How hard is it to get all of those kids to pay attention for a photo with all of those costumes on?

IMG_1592After what seemed like a quick workday, we headed home for our neighborhood block party.  I LOVE this.  With just a few signatures, our street block was able to get approval to close the street for several hours while the kids played, ate and finally trick or treated.

IMG_1610This is totally one of the reasons that we decided to move to this neighborhood.  Almost all of these kids live on our block! How lucky is my daughter to have so many friends to grow up with?  I couldn’t imagine a better picture.  Proud parents lined the sidewalk to snap what seemed like hundreds of pictures at one time.  These kids were celebrities.

IMG_1612After pictures it was a mad dash to trick or treat.  My daughter is too young to go to a lot of houses (but we had to take her to a few).  My husband geared up with her and yet again another one of my accessories from growing up:  my treat bag.  Hopefully, we can reuse this in subsequent years.

IMG_1614Baby’s first Halloween was a success.  She stopped at two houses and came home with at least ten pieces of candy.  She was beat.  Before she even had a chance to open her first piece of candy, she was asleep.

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