Pregnancy Update – Week 18

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a can of cola (approximately 5 1/2 ounces)

Weight Gain – 10 Pounds

Movement – Just a little bit of movement. I have noticed it happens more when my daughter is around (or after I eat dessert!)

Sleep – I got the best night’s sleep that I have had in a LONG time this week. It always helps when I forget to set my alarm, and my daughter sleeps late herself.

What I miss – On Sunday, I soothed my cravings for craft beer with non-alcoholic Beck’s beer. A friend of ours recommended this brand from when she was pregnant. My husband even agreed that it tasted just like the real Beck’s.


Best Moments this Week – Mommy/Daddy date night at the Virginia Tech game. A loss is a loss, but quality time with my husband is priceless.

photo 4-98 Sunday, we had a chance to visit with friends of ours who live in South Carolina. Seems far away, but I am talking just over the border. Less than twenty miles away. They are expecting their first child in February, so we swapped stories about pregnancy over football and dinner. When you are pregnant, there is nothing better than venting and laughing over all of the little things that men just don’t understand. My daughter wore herself out playing and ended up taking a nap with my husband.

photo 2-152

We topped off the night with this incredible apple cobbler dessert. Pardon the picture quality. I was trying to eat/hold my daughter/take a picture all at the same time. I will definitely be trying out this recipe for the blog in the near future.

photo 3-131

Looking forward to – The big anatomy scan ultrasound is Tuesday morning. I am still okay with not finding out the gender, but I think my husband is ready for the reveal. We did get results back from our Spina Bifida test this week. Negative. Another sigh of relief. It is always comforting to rule out the likelihood of certain things.

Cravings – Again, nothing specific, just quantity. Although, I have not changed my workout routine much, I have continued to have to make sure that I am eating enough. This was not a problem in my first pregnancy; however, it has been more difficult the second go round. Maybe because I am expending more energy chasing after my wild daughter? She learned how to climb up onto the playground this weekend. Terrifying. Remember she just turned one last week!

photo 1-149

Symptoms – So that cold that I thought I had. I’m wondering whether I don’t actually have Pregnancy Rhinitis. Say what? Pregnancy does crazy things to your body. During pregnancy number one, I experienced VERY bad pregnancy gingivitis (i.e. bleeding gums BAD). I have not had that yet with pregnancy number two, but what about this Pregnancy Rhinitis? Symptoms – stuffy nose, congestion, constant sneezing and coughing. Ahem. Self-diagnosis complete.  My new best friend is a Neti Pot.


Workouts – This week was a hodge podge week of workouts for me since we were out of town.

Again, a solid week of workouts with variety and REST. Two days strength. Two days running. Two days on the bike. Two days resting. Perfect.

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