Weekday Football Roadtrip + Negative Split Running

This week we headed to Blacksburg for the Thursday night Virginia Tech v. Miami football game.  Due to changes in my employment, being pregnant and have scheduling conflicts, I haven’t been to a midweek night game in almost four years.  If you know anything about Hokie football, these are the games to be at.  The intensity is incredible.  Since I haven’t been to a night game in a LONG time, I haven’t worn much Virginia Tech cold weather gear.  Hence, my astonishment, when I reached into my pocket and found a 2006 student ticket to a Thursday night Clemson game from when I was in college.  Almost eight years to the date.

photo 3-129For long road trips, my daughter (and my husband and I) travel best in the evening.  We have found that if we give her a bath and feed her, we can leave around her bed time and she will fall asleep for the entire trip.  At this age, she is smart enough to figure out that something is up when we start to pack the car and she is in her pajamas.  Smart kid.  After quite the meltdown, she was a happy camper when she found herself packed into the back seat with her stuffed animal and and a container of TicTacs to shake.

photo 1-147My daughter did not make it to the game.  It was far too late and cold for her.  Thankfully, my parents were able to watch her while my husband and I snuck away for a pseudo-“date” night.  We grabbed dinner in town and headed to our parking space with just enough time to get into the game for the infamous “Enter Sandman” entrance and kickoff.

photo 5-48We lost.  In a very bad way, but it was more fun than I could have imagined.  I look forward to the little things.  My husband and I got some quality time together doing something that we really enjoy.  Watching football.

photo 4-98We stayed a night in Roanoke before heading back to Charlotte.  Since the weather in the mountains is much colder in Charlotte, I opted to grab a quick workout on a treadmill (indoors!).  Treadmill running can be tough.  I get it.  As a change up to a lot of the workouts that I have been doing lately, I decided to do a negative split workout.

photo 2-150

So what is negative split running?  Instead of starting at the average pace that you want to run and running that pace the entire time, start your run slower than your average and progressively decrease your pace over each mile.  In my case, I am running much slower than usual due to being pregnant.  I ran the first mile at an easy 9:45/min mile, the second at 9:25 min/mile and the final mile at 9:00/mile.  I also set the treadmill to rolling hills.  Lots of variety here.  Great training for any race too.

IMG_1089I’m back in Charlotte this weekend.  I can’t wait.  SmartCore Fitness is hosting a health fair Saturday from 10:30-2:30.  I will be there representing Flywheel Charlotte.  However, other notable Charlotte health and wellness professionals will be on site.  Check it out if you have time.


I am also back on the bike Sunday at 7:30AM.  Perfect time time for you Panther (or Seattle) fans that are looking to squeeze in a workout before heading to the big game!


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