Pregnancy Update – Week 17

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of the palm of your hand (approximately 3-5 ounces)

Weight Gain – 9 Pounds – Holding steady at about a pound a week in the second trimester.

Movement – Still feeling little kicks and punches here and there. Never when I try to plan it!

Sleep – Sleeping as much as I can. I have added my pregnancy pillow to our queen size bed, which makes it feel like an extra person is trying to fill the small space. When I toss from one side to the next with it, the sheets end up all over the place.

What I miss – Not much this week. This week may have really been one of my best weeks yet.

Best Moments this Week – My daughter’s mock first birthday party. I say mock because it really was just a family get together. I think that I had mentioned before the theme would be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I kept things simple (meaning I didn’t do a lot of cooking), but I made sure that there were little details about the party that would be something fun for her to look back on. Of course she had a birthday outfit.


Table spread and all of the food was based off of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse storyline. If you watch this show, this will totally make sense. If you don’t have kids yet, you will get this one day. See my creative touches below:


  • Mouseketools – black plastic silverware, wrapped in red and yellow napkins
  • Daisy’s Garden Veggies – Raw Veggies with various dipping sauces (hummus and ranch dressing)
  • Minnie’s Melon – Watermelon, that is.
  • Hot Diggity Dogs – Mini Pig in a blankets (the only thing that I cooked)
  • Donald’s Dunkers – Chic-fil-a minis (who doesn’t love these?)
  • Clubhouse Sandwiches – Make your own sandwiches from an assortment of breads, meats and cheeses.
  • Pluto’s Pita Chips

IMG_1474 IMG_1476

You may think it’s over the top, but it was actually VERY easy. We got her cake from our family favorite local bakery, Tizzerts. We actually got two cakes.


One cake just for her, called a “smash” cake and one cake for everyone else at the party to enjoy. The big cake was phenomenal. I found a picture of a cake that I liked on Pinterest and took it right to the baker to see what they thought. They recreated it with my daughter’s name!


Her “smash” cake was a mini version of the big cake made, which was made with ingredients ingredients that would make it easier for her to get her hands into. She took full advantage. Kid has never eaten so much in her life. We literally had to take it away from her in fear that she would make herself sick.

photo 3-127 I have said this before, but I will say it again. I am not biased, I have a great kid. She put on quite the show for her first birthday. I am so proud of how special she makes everyone around her feel. Kid doesn’t miss a beat. She acknowledges everyone’s presence.

IMG_1498IMG_1499 My husband and I bought her a red covered Radio Flyer wagon for her birthday. Guests loaded it with gifts. I couldn’t wait to give her this. Not only is there room for her soon to be brother/sister, but she has plenty of room for toys and mommy/daddy gear when we take a stroll to the local park. We spent the afternoon with family outside on the incredible day.

IMG_1542 IMG_1543 IMG_1551 IMG_1558 IMG_1579 Looking forward to – My next ultrasound. It is killing people not to know what the gender of this baby is. I have to say, I’m not really worried about it. However, we can find out on Tuesday what we are having (if we choose to do so). What do you think? Check out my baby bump in those pictures from my daughter’s party!

Cravings – Nothing specific, just more quantity. I have officially reached the point in my pregnancy where I have started to eat considerably more than first trimester. That is okay, and what I would consider normal (especially with me keeping up with my exercise routine).

 Symptoms – I am still somewhat sick. I did talk to my doctor this week, and she told me that it is okay to start taking some things to help the symptoms (i.e. cough and congestion). It is a virus, so there isn’t anything they can give me to combat what I have. Not what I wanted to hear, but I feel better knowing that in my second trimester I have more options of medicine to take.

Workouts – While I was at my doctor, I also had a chance to talk to her about continuing to teach at Flywheel Charlotte and the number of children that have been born at our studio since I started teaching there. It is incredible that at almost all times during the year a barre or cycle instructor is pregnant AND is teaching/training all the way through. My doctor mentioned what a great representation this is for the Charlotte fitness community. It not only shows the ability to do exercise throughout pregnancy, but the importance exercise has on a woman’s body during this time of your life. It makes me feel better.

photo 1-145

That said, I was on the bike more than usual this week. More as a rider than an instructor, but that is where I am comfortable as I get further along in my pregnancy. I finally made it back to another FiA (Females in Action) workout on Thursday morning for an outdoor bootcamp workout. I wanted to do something that was more strength, but most importantly, got me outside with my girls again. Since I have been sick, I haven’t had chance to do much running lately.

photo 1-132 I can’t tell you enough how much more enjoyable exercise is when you have a great group to workout with. Everyone was so excited to see me (and my bump). As I worked through each station of exercises, I chatted with other women in the group who worked out through pregnancy. We swapped ideas and stories about how funny it can be to do certain things as you get bigger. Looking forward to being back this week!

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