Pregnancy Update – Week 16

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of an avocado (approximately 3-5 ounces)

Weight Gain – 8 Pounds

Movement – I felt the first hint of movement this week. People say that you feel the baby move sooner the second go round because you know what to look out for. I would say that is true. With my first, I passed off tiny movements as my stomach churning until she started dropping elbows on me!

Sleep – Sleeping a lot. Trying to fight off this cold!

What I miss – Working out in general. I am still fighting off a cold/virus/something that is creating these coughing fits at random times during the day. In an effort to try to relieve my cold, I have pulled back all cardio outside of slow walks with the stroller outside. I’m ready to at least hit the bike again!

Best Moments this Week – Mommy day of pampering, followed by a gorgeous wedding at the Duke Mansion. Y’all, since I had my daughter, I have struggled with forcing myself to get all glammed up like I used to. A formal evening wedding was the perfect opportunity to make the most out of it. I made an appointment to get my hair “blown” out at Blo-Blow Dry Bar (less than a mile from my house). Check out the before.

photo 1-142

Followed by the after. I had planned to do something fun with my hair down, but with it pouring down rain outside, I decided to go for a sleek tight bun. I’m not going to lie; it was worth every penny to feel like a princess for a few hours. The woman who did my hair was so sweet, and I saw several of my friends who were headed out for the night getting their hair done too! This is a huge eye opener for me. Thank god these almost always perfect looking ladies have help looking as good as they do every week. I was beginning to wonder how they did it!

photo 2-147

I found a great formal maternity dress that I think I could actually reuse when I am not pregnant. The dress had a way of holding everything going on in my midsection together in a way that I felt confident and excited about showing off my growing belly. It didn’t hurt that I had such a handsome guy on my arm.

photo 3-125

We made sure to take a side profile shot of the bump.

photo 4-95

Enough about us, here are a few other amazing photos from the night!

1920160_960076627116_9100115230379312296_nphoto 5-4610370899_10205057714102185_5822360553411571605_n

Looking forward to – My daughter turning one. Holy cow! How was the time gone by so fast? She is a talking machine now. I sat and watched her babble to her toys for several minutes the other day. She already has such an imagination. My parents and my husband’s parents will be in town to celebrate her birthday over a small lunch this weekend. 


Cravings – Not craving too much at this point. I do have my staples, but other than that I wouldn’t say anything out of the normal.

  • Breakfast – egg whites, bananas, turkey sausage, Myoplex Lite Chocolate shakes
  • Lunch – Turkey Sandwiches, Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Snacks – Fruit, Nuts, Luna Bars, Smoothies

Symptoms – A coughing machine. That’s all I can think about. I even sat in the back row of the wedding, so if I had a coughing fit, I wouldn’t interfere with what was going on too much. I’m sorry little baby in my belly. I hope that you are not bothered too much!

Workouts – Even though I have not been doing cardio, I have been doing pilates, some light weights and walking. Nothing overly exertive, but not completely sitting out. I have been sleeping in more as well. I need to get properly healed before I start getting breathless again.

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