Meeting the Bump in the Middle

As I finish week sixteen, pregnancy and all of its glory have truly set in. That cold that I talked about maybe having in my 15 week update was indeed a cold. That’s right. I’m sick again. Instead of trying to tough it out like I did last time, I have succumb to my weakness and I am taking a few days off of exercise. I realize how important it is for me to be operating at 100% in order for my baby to grow the way that it should. That said, since I have been sick more than usual over the past few weeks, I am also going to compromise with my pregnant self and take a load off my plate. I’m reducing my class load at Flywheel to once a week.


Taking the time to sleep in with my baby girl every once in awhile is priceless.

I want every decision in my life to come easy.   I feel like I’m always waiting on a sign to help me make the right choice. I don’t know when to slow down. I need someone I care about to tell me.   I am struggling right now between what direction I want to take after (and before) I have my second child. As it stands, I am currently juggling a full time accounting job, teaching part time at Flywheel Charlotte, entirely running my blog and any product relationships and most importantly trying to be the best mom and wife that I can be. Something has to give. Help!


It seems like just yesterday that we were headed home with my daughter!

I know that many of my readers juggle the same imbalances in their life. How do you do it? The addition of another child will only make my life busier (in a good way). I want to raise my kids to find their passion and follow their dreams.   Nothing will make you happier in life than doing what you love. That is possible. That is why I started teaching at Flywheel and that is ultimately what led me to writing my first blog post. In all of my years working at a desk job, I never had someone tell me, “you made my day better today” or “you changed my life”. There is no greater satisfaction (or amount of money) that can replace that kind of gratitude.


I am sharing all of these thoughts with those of you who read my blog because I do anticipate that I will be making some serious decisions about my life over the next several months, and I look forward to sharing the journey with you. What I want to make clear is that no matter what decisions that I make, my focus will be to benefit the health of my family as we continue to grow. I started the blog for the purpose of sharing ways that we stay fit (whether that is through diet or exercise) with a busy schedule. There are no gimmicks here. We eat out. We do not restrict our diet. We work hard to play hard and live every day to its fullest. We are just your average family trying to survive in this crazy world.

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