Fall Fun – Football + Family + Flywheel

Our weekend ended up being more busy than we had planned for it to be.  My mom and dad were in town visiting, so they offered to watch my daughter to give us a time to visit Chapel Hill for the Virginia Tech-UNC football game.   Kickoff was scheduled for 12:30PM.  Knowing that we would be gone for a good part of the day (and Saturday is typically one of our longer workout days) we both got up early to do our own individual workouts before we hit the road.  It’s all about prioritizing.  Some might find it weird, but exercise is our outlet.  The second my husband walked in the door, I handed off babysitting duty.

photo 1-137

Given the opportunity to run away from the house (because someone was watching my daughter), I opted to do a strength/run outdoor bootcamp from my driveway.  Grab a kettle bell and a pair of dumbbells.  Here is how this workout went down.

  • Run around the block to warm up (moderate pace). It is approximately .75 miles around my block or about 6-7 minutes.  Use what resources you have.  You don’t have to run that distance, but add the cardio how you can.
  • Once you get back to your start (and weights), complete the following circuit, sequentially:
    • 10 burpees
    • 10 Thrusters (with dumbbells), immediately followed up with 10 push press
    • 10 Stepback lunges (holding kettlebell in one hand)
    • 10 Russian Twists each side
    • 10 Pushups
    • 10 Kettlebell Swings
    • 10 Sumo Squats with Upright Row
    • 10 Side bends (holding kettlebell) each side
    • 10 One legged deadlifts (holding kettlebell) each side
  •  Repeat the run, followed by the circuit two more times.  You will complete three runs and three circuits total.

photo 2-142See the post workout picture above.  I have to admit, because I’m pregnant, I do monitor my heart rate.  At times in this workout, I did take a second to reset (i.e. bring my heart rate back down).

photo 3-122Following the quick workout, we showered up, ate breakfast and hit the road for Chapel Hill.  What a beautiful day.  We were stuck in the visitors end zone section and directly in the sun.  I was overdressed and ended up getting some pretty serious tan lines. At least, I had good company!

photo 4-92Go Hokies!  After several tough games in a row, it was good to walk away with a win (and most importantly, bragging rights in the office for the year).  I ran into my good friend Ali, who is getting married next September.  How cute did she look?  You can even catch a rare glimpse of the baby bump!

photo 5-45

We grabbed food on the road all day Saturday.  I will admit.  We ate bad.  That’s what the weekend is for in our house though.  Without cheat days I would lose my mind.  However, with every cheat day comes the anticipation that a good workout is around the corner.  That workout happened this morning.  Denise Duffy was out of town, so I offered to sub the class after mine (meaning I was doing a double).  Hello fall!  Several people brought their workout inside this morning to join me for a warmer workout.  Great energy, which always makes class so much more fun.  Most energetic goes to the 8:30 crowd.  See the playlist below.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 3.07.11 PMAlthough the day might have started out cool, it ended up being a perfect fall afternoon.  We took a family trip to Freedom Park.  My daughter was loving the swings.

photo 1-138I can’t get enough of her. She was also loving her dad.  As good as it is to get away, it is that much better to get home to see this smiling face.

photo 2-143


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