Who Says That You Can’t Do It All Uptown (Downtown)?

Uptown Workout Tuesday morning I was up early with the baby. Hence, I did not have time to squeeze in an at home workout. Typically in this case, I would workout at the local uptown YMCA during my lunch break or after work to make up for it. Today, I decided to utilize my outdoor surroundings. Let’s face it. Staring at the same thing indoors is boring. Plus, the weather is amazing in Charlotte right now (these days are running out). I packed a bag equipped with a tank, some shorts and my running sneakers. As my work day ended, I stopped in the ladies restroom and changed into my gear. After dropping my stuff off in the car, I walked down to the street and started my watch. photo 4-10 I knew that I had to make this quick, because I like my time with my daughter in the evenings. With that said, this workout wasn’t going to take more than thirty minutes. From the parking deck, I ran to a new, local park – Romare Bearden Park. It is a perfect rectangle with various inlets that can be used for all kinds of body weight exercises. I took a warm up lap around the park. The distance was approximately .4 miles. Perfect. This would be my interval in between exercises. photo 3-121 At one corner of the park, I found a series of elevated, grass covered steps that I chose to use as the point at which I would do my exercises. See the workout below. Repeat the following exercises sequentially with little to no transition time until you hit thirty minutes.

  • Run 1 lap around the park.
  • Upon reaching your starting point, complete the following exercises:
    • 20 Plank Walks each side – feet elevated on step, hands on the ground
    • 20 Box Jumps – jump on step with both feet, return to ground with both feet
    • 20 Dips – off side of step
  • Run 1 lap around the park.
  • Upon completing your lap, complete the following exercises:
    • 20 Decline Push Ups – feet elevated on step
    • 20 Walking Lunges each leg – you may need to turn around
    • 20 Knee to Elbow Plank Hold each side

photo 2-141 I used the middle steps for several of the exercises that my hands were on the ground, so I could pad my hands with the grass. The other alternative is to wear gloves. I was able to cover 2.5 miles through 2.5 rotations in thirty minutes. Challenge yourself to beating me! I have to say, I got more out of this workout than I would have in the gym, while enjoying a little sunshine. I do think I got some awkward glances as people were making their trek home.

Uptown Fuel

Uptown is more than it’s cracked up to be. Besides going to work, I got my workout in and indulged in some great food to fuel for my busy day. I have mentioned before that I love lunch hotspot Mortimer’s. Tuesday, I went outside of my comfort zone and tried something completely different on the menu. photo 1-136 How about the Veggie Pizza Panini? Y’all, how incredible does this meal look? If you are trying to curb a pizza craving this is where it’s at. Instead of getting a greasy, fat filled slice, Mortimer’s stuffs ciabatta bread with fresh, roasted vegetables and a slice of tomato before topping with mozzarella cheese. So good.


As if that meal was not enough to hold me over, I stopped for my afternoon snack at Green Brothers Juice Company. This is the hidden gem of uptown. Literally located at its own kiosk in the Energy Café (Bank of America building), Green Brothers has transformed the sugar loaded smoothie that you used to only be able to get from places like Smoothie King and Jamba Juice. This juice is all natural, healthy and did I mention it tastes really good? I could eat this all day. I grabbed a smoothie. Forget stopping for frozen yogurt in the afternoon. This smoothie has you covered. The ingredients include: banana, homemade almond milk, peanut butter, spinach and broccoli. It also has the consistency of a smoothie (rather than the blandness some juices have). I’m hooked. They haven’t had their grand opening, but look out for major signage and information soon. Get ready to have your mind blown.

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