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It’s A… (Gender Reveal!)

If you have been keeping up with my posts, you probably remember that we were scheduled to have our anatomy scan on Tuesday. At the anatomy scan, parents are given the option to find out the sex of the baby along with other vital information about the babies main body systems. The gender suspense was killing us. We caved and asked the ultrasound technician to tell us the news. I had an idea of what it might be, and I was right! BUT, before I spill the beans, let me tell you how my day started!

Tuesday Morning Med Ball + Dumbbell Workout

After several nights of bad sleep, Monday night I finally slept through the night with no interruptions (for almost 8 hours!). My daughter woke up at 4:45AM, only to let me rock her back to sleep. Since I was up (and feeling good), I decided that I would do a short strength circuit before getting ready for work. I can now do my workouts in my family room since I am no longer jumping and gasping for breath. It isn’t coincidence that our DVR player is in the family room, so I can multitask by not only working out, but playing catch up on my shows. Workouts go by SO much faster when you are watching (or listening) to something you enjoy.

photo 3-1 So what’s the workout? Grab a medium weight medicine ball and light dumbbells. When I say light, I typically use 10 pound dumbbells and I switched to 4 pound dumbbells.

photo 1-17

The workout took me right under thirty minutes. Complete the following exercises sequentially before repeating the entire circuit ONE time. That’s right. Complete the circuit twice (or three times if you want a 45 minute workout and a lot more soreness).

  • Burpees x10
  • Reverse lunge to high kick x15 each side (no weight)
  • Plank hold 1 minute – you could vary this by doing plank holds with your feet stabilized on a swiss ball or even piking your hips up while rolling the ball in. A solid plank is enough for my pregnant self.
  • Platypus walk w/med ball overhead x5 steps forward/5steps back x 5 times – Squat low and wide.
  • Squats with one dumbbell overhead x10 each arm
  • Plank hold 1 minute – see variation above
  • Squat to side kick to squat jump with med ball x10 each leg
  • Side oblique crunch x 15 each side
  • Forward to Reverse Lunge x 15 each leg – hold a medicine ball overhead to make this harder
  • Pushups x 10
  • Med ball wood chop to lateral lunge x 15 each side
  • Plank hold 1 minute

My legs are tired and sore. Let me know if you tried to do three rotations of this workout!

On To the Good Stuff

I took my daughter to daycare early and stopped at the office to do a little work before my appointment. Upon my company moving to a new owner, my access to work from home is very limited. Hence, the need for me to scoot into the office as much as I can. I grabbed a small cup of regular coffee before the appointment to ensure the little one would be awake and ready for his or her debut. Little did I know that this little nugget already seemed to have as much energy as my one year old daughter.

Almost immediately when we started the ultrasound, I could feel the baby kicking. Here we go. The first side profile shot gave the ultrasound technician a perfect picture of the baby’s brain, nose and skull. We both sighed when she told us the baby’s brain activity looked fantastic.

photo 3-132

From that side angle, we watched as the baby extended both legs straight out. Someone already thinks they own that small space that they will grow in over the next few months.

photo 4-99

Count it. Two feet. Ten toes. Two hands. Ten fingers.  What about the gender? She wanted to get us the perfect picture. She knew at the last ultrasound what we were having, and she remembered. She wanted to make sure our first view was clear. The proof is in the pictures. It’s a(nother) girl! We both knew it.

photo 2-153 I love knowing that my daughter will have a little sister just a grade apart from her in school. I love thinking about all of the fun they will have growing up beside each other. My sister and I are sixteen months apart, and I love looking back at the pictures of us growing up. I love her with all of my heart, and I will always be proud of her. There is a different (very special) relationship that two girls develop when they spend their lives growing up together.

photo 5-49 After finding out the gender it took almost fifteen minutes for the ultrasound technician to get the baby in a proper position to take measurements of her heart. We tried everything. A cough here. A cough there. Pressing to the right on my belly. Pressing to the left. Finally, the baby got caught off guard long enough to give us time to see that her heart is growing like it should. From what they can tell, we are having a healthy baby girl. I am an anxious person by nature. I fear things in the future that I can’t control. Any little bit of reassurance about my sweet girl is enough to make me glow.

Pregnancy Update – Week 18

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a can of cola (approximately 5 1/2 ounces)

Weight Gain – 10 Pounds

Movement – Just a little bit of movement. I have noticed it happens more when my daughter is around (or after I eat dessert!)

Sleep – I got the best night’s sleep that I have had in a LONG time this week. It always helps when I forget to set my alarm, and my daughter sleeps late herself.

What I miss – On Sunday, I soothed my cravings for craft beer with non-alcoholic Beck’s beer. A friend of ours recommended this brand from when she was pregnant. My husband even agreed that it tasted just like the real Beck’s.


Best Moments this Week – Mommy/Daddy date night at the Virginia Tech game. A loss is a loss, but quality time with my husband is priceless.

photo 4-98 Sunday, we had a chance to visit with friends of ours who live in South Carolina. Seems far away, but I am talking just over the border. Less than twenty miles away. They are expecting their first child in February, so we swapped stories about pregnancy over football and dinner. When you are pregnant, there is nothing better than venting and laughing over all of the little things that men just don’t understand. My daughter wore herself out playing and ended up taking a nap with my husband.

photo 2-152

We topped off the night with this incredible apple cobbler dessert. Pardon the picture quality. I was trying to eat/hold my daughter/take a picture all at the same time. I will definitely be trying out this recipe for the blog in the near future.

photo 3-131

Looking forward to – The big anatomy scan ultrasound is Tuesday morning. I am still okay with not finding out the gender, but I think my husband is ready for the reveal. We did get results back from our Spina Bifida test this week. Negative. Another sigh of relief. It is always comforting to rule out the likelihood of certain things.

Cravings – Again, nothing specific, just quantity. Although, I have not changed my workout routine much, I have continued to have to make sure that I am eating enough. This was not a problem in my first pregnancy; however, it has been more difficult the second go round. Maybe because I am expending more energy chasing after my wild daughter? She learned how to climb up onto the playground this weekend. Terrifying. Remember she just turned one last week!

photo 1-149

Symptoms – So that cold that I thought I had. I’m wondering whether I don’t actually have Pregnancy Rhinitis. Say what? Pregnancy does crazy things to your body. During pregnancy number one, I experienced VERY bad pregnancy gingivitis (i.e. bleeding gums BAD). I have not had that yet with pregnancy number two, but what about this Pregnancy Rhinitis? Symptoms – stuffy nose, congestion, constant sneezing and coughing. Ahem. Self-diagnosis complete.  My new best friend is a Neti Pot.


Workouts – This week was a hodge podge week of workouts for me since we were out of town.

Again, a solid week of workouts with variety and REST. Two days strength. Two days running. Two days on the bike. Two days resting. Perfect.

Weekend Workouts + Smartcore Health Fair

We got back from our weekday football game excursion late Friday night.  It felt good to sleep in our own bed.  The expectation of great weather in Charlotte motivated both my husband and I to sneak in workouts before lunch (his was much longer the mine).  While my daughter napped, I squeezed in a twenty minute weight circuit in my family room (while I caught up on mindless reality television).

photo 4-11

Grab a pair of dumbbells and a kettlebell.  Complete the following exercises sequentially as one circuit three times.  For your first round complete 20 reps, second round 15 reps and final round 10 reps.

  • Goblet Squats
  • Kettlebell Shoulder Press (total reps each arm)
  • Kettlebell Side Bends (total reps each side)
  • Kettlebell One Legged Deadlift (total reps each leg)
  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Extension with Dumbbells
  • Dumbbell Kickbacks/Fire Hydrants (total reps each leg/each exercise)
  • Knee to Elbow plank

photo 1-148When my husband got home from his workout, I went for a short run/walk outside.  There will only be a few more weeks of this kind of weather in Charlotte, so I need to take advantage of it.  I am also getting to the point where I think riding on the bike might just be more comfortable than trying to run.

1380467_638039679646434_2369739541380449960_nWe grabbed a quick lunch before heading to the Smartcore Fitness Health Fair.  I was there representing Flywheel Charlotte, but my husband and daughter also came to check out the festivities.  It was great seeing several of my regular riders outside of the studio with my family.  It is rare that they get to meet my husband and daughter.

10710702_855483041163077_9170105258112787083_nI enjoyed catching up with the nutritionist on site, Chef Thomas (a healthy home delivery meal service) and Performance Rehab Associates.  All offered great options for my family when we experience different scenarios over the next several years.  I look forward to being in touch.  Let me know if you want more information!

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.09.56 AMSunday playlist above.  Lots of new stuff.  Thank you riders for turning an early morning workout into a great start to my day.  I rarely find myself on the bike teaching these days, but when I do, it is great to be welcomed in such a great environment.  There were several riders in my class this morning getting geared up for the big Flywheel Challenge.  Good luck!


Weekday Football Roadtrip + Negative Split Running

This week we headed to Blacksburg for the Thursday night Virginia Tech v. Miami football game.  Due to changes in my employment, being pregnant and have scheduling conflicts, I haven’t been to a midweek night game in almost four years.  If you know anything about Hokie football, these are the games to be at.  The intensity is incredible.  Since I haven’t been to a night game in a LONG time, I haven’t worn much Virginia Tech cold weather gear.  Hence, my astonishment, when I reached into my pocket and found a 2006 student ticket to a Thursday night Clemson game from when I was in college.  Almost eight years to the date.

photo 3-129For long road trips, my daughter (and my husband and I) travel best in the evening.  We have found that if we give her a bath and feed her, we can leave around her bed time and she will fall asleep for the entire trip.  At this age, she is smart enough to figure out that something is up when we start to pack the car and she is in her pajamas.  Smart kid.  After quite the meltdown, she was a happy camper when she found herself packed into the back seat with her stuffed animal and and a container of TicTacs to shake.

photo 1-147My daughter did not make it to the game.  It was far too late and cold for her.  Thankfully, my parents were able to watch her while my husband and I snuck away for a pseudo-“date” night.  We grabbed dinner in town and headed to our parking space with just enough time to get into the game for the infamous “Enter Sandman” entrance and kickoff.

photo 5-48We lost.  In a very bad way, but it was more fun than I could have imagined.  I look forward to the little things.  My husband and I got some quality time together doing something that we really enjoy.  Watching football.

photo 4-98We stayed a night in Roanoke before heading back to Charlotte.  Since the weather in the mountains is much colder in Charlotte, I opted to grab a quick workout on a treadmill (indoors!).  Treadmill running can be tough.  I get it.  As a change up to a lot of the workouts that I have been doing lately, I decided to do a negative split workout.

photo 2-150

So what is negative split running?  Instead of starting at the average pace that you want to run and running that pace the entire time, start your run slower than your average and progressively decrease your pace over each mile.  In my case, I am running much slower than usual due to being pregnant.  I ran the first mile at an easy 9:45/min mile, the second at 9:25 min/mile and the final mile at 9:00/mile.  I also set the treadmill to rolling hills.  Lots of variety here.  Great training for any race too.

IMG_1089I’m back in Charlotte this weekend.  I can’t wait.  SmartCore Fitness is hosting a health fair Saturday from 10:30-2:30.  I will be there representing Flywheel Charlotte.  However, other notable Charlotte health and wellness professionals will be on site.  Check it out if you have time.


I am also back on the bike Sunday at 7:30AM.  Perfect time time for you Panther (or Seattle) fans that are looking to squeeze in a workout before heading to the big game!