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Pregnancy Update – Week 13

Size of Baby (per “What To Expect”) – Size of a Peach (3 inches long)

Weight Gain – 3-4 Pounds

Movement – Not feeling any movement yet! However, during our 12 week ultrasound, it was clear that the baby was comfortably moving its arms and legs all over.

Sleep – The biggest disruption in sleep so far as come from waking up in the middle of the night to console my teething daughter and to use the bathroom. Increased consumption of water (to stay hydrated) = increased trips to the bathroom all day long.

What I miss – A good craft brewed beer. Between tailgates and beer festivals in the fall, I feel like a cold one is screaming my name.

Best Moments this Week – Taking my daughter back to Virginia Tech for her second football game. What made this trip different (and even better) than the last was introducing her to the outdoor track. I have so many amazing memories from this facility. In my dream world, both babies would pursue running and end up training/competing on this track at the same time in the future.

photo 2-136

Looking forward to – All of the exciting things coming up over the next several weekends (more football games, a wedding and most importantly my daughter’s first birthday). With first trimester fatigue out of my system, we have been able to get out a lot more.

My daughter's first birthday outfit!  Someone loves Mickey.

My daughter’s first birthday outfit! Someone loves Mickey.

Cravings – I craved sweets with my first. This go round, I am craving everything salty and cheesy. I’m talking chips, french fries, macaroni and cheese, pizza and biscuits. Clearly not all at once.

photo 3-118

Dinner Saturday night at Alejandro’s in Roanoke – Chicken Fajita Quesadilla

Symptoms – As I mentioned above, my biggest first trimester symptom was fatigue. Thank goodness that has subsided. I still get tired in the afternoon but for the most part, my protruding belly and widening hips are the only indication to me that I am pregnant.

Workouts – I am still working out 5-6 days a week (see previous posts). I take 1-2 days off. The intensity in which I exercise has gone down, but I am still doing the same types of exercises. I did not start this exercise routine when I got pregnant, rather, it was my routine for several months prior. It is important not to over exert yourself if your body is not used to doing this much exercise.

photo 1-14

My Saturday morning run along the green in Roanoke.

I want to point out that I have looked less and less at my “What To Expect” and other pregnancy books and applications this pregnancy. Look, I found in my first pregnancy that when I read how I was supposed to feel each week, I sometimes questioned the progress of my pregnancy (when I shouldn’t have been). It is important to read about the development of your baby, but a lot of the “should” and “should nots” are specific to your situation. Consult with your doctor. Form a good relationship with the person that you are trusting the delivery of your child’s life with. If something doesn’t feel right find comfort in the person that you trust rather than the internet or a book.

Pregnancy As a Flywheel Instructor + Uptown Lunch Dates

The timing of when I was introduced to Flywheel couldn’t have been better. Most things happen for a reason right? I started riding in May 2012. I was teaching by August 2012. I was pregnant with my first daughter by February 2013. I have ridden through injuries, pregnancy, post-pregnancy body transformation and finally through the start of yet another pregnancy. There really isn’t a better cardio workout for a pregnant woman. I’m not just saying that. Riding a stationary bike is safe from the outdoor elements (cars, weather, road stops, etc.), non-impact, not boring and still a great way to get a good sweat in a short amount of time. photo 1-133

With that said, I rolled into Flywheel Charlotte this morning with a new glow. Like I mentioned in my last post, it has been extremely difficult to hide this pregnancy from my riders. It is one thing to sit in the back of the room with the lights off but when you are the one in the front of the class (spotlight on) that everyone is looking at, how do you keep people from wondering? Thank goodness I don’t have to do that anymore. I have embraced my mini bump (fitted tank and all). Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I am going to make class any easier. As with my first pregnancy, when I realize that I can’t keep up with what I am saying, I will pull back and become a rider for a few weeks/months. That is not now.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.09.40 PM I taught two classes in row this morning (what regulars call a “double”). For those of you that do doubles, doesn’t it seem like that second class is a little easier? Maybe because you are already warmed up? Whatever it is, both classes were rocking this morning. I finally had a chance to download the new Maroon 5 album. I’m in love. I could make an entire ride with this album. See the 5:30 AM playlist above. There was a lot of torq (resistance) in this ride, coupled with some nice, long endurance pushes. This group pushed through it. Great work!

photo 4-88

I post a lot of group pictures and selfies from the studio. However, these typically are not taken by me. I have to give credit where credit is due. Eugene Park has been a steady member at our studio since it opened. He brings people together and spreads the word about Flywheel studios all over the nation (unpaid). He recently visited the Raleigh studio for the grand opening. While he was there he picked up gifts for several of the instructors and riders in our studio. He picked me up this great bag. Thanks for everything you do Eugene!

photo 2-135

When I am at Flywheel, I don’t feel like I am working. I get paid to work out and most importantly hang out with my friends (I guess that’s what you call #joblove). After a quick shower, real life started again. I headed straight home from the studio in mom mode. My husband and I worked together to get my daughter ready for daycare. He left for work. I packed the car before taking her to daycare and heading to job number two. Phew! With all of that going on before I even got to my desk, I didn’t have much time for a big breakfast. Hello, big lunch! My husband and I like to meet for lunch at least once a week to squeeze a little date in without the baby. It is our way of catching up without worrying about everything that has to be done when we are at home (it also has become one of my favorite parts of the week). Hunger from a small breakfast and the second trimester of pregnancy directed us to uptown burger hotspot Cowbell.

photo 3-117 I have posted about how great Mortimer’s is as a lunch/happy hour spot. Cowbell is part of the same restaurant group. I was pleasantly surprised how great the atmosphere and food were. I picked the Winehouse Chicken Sandwich with Sweet Potato Tater Tots. So what’s on the sandwich? Grilled chicken, honey wheat bun, topped with arugula, roasted red pepper, smoked habanero jack cheese and honey mustard (I dropped the honey mustard). The chicken was juicy and not overcooked (i.e. you can tell they cooked it to order). The tots were sweeter than I expected. If you prefer salty this is not for you. They dust the tots in a cinnamon sugar coating. It works if that is what you are looking for. Total bill? Right under $25 (sans tip) for two burgers, a soda and a water. Not bad! Of course if you want to be healthier you could opt to get your burger with no bun/no cheese and watch those condiments.

10389078_10102782219152373_411312496595647809_n We have a lot going on this weekend, so I will likely be off from posting tomorrow. However, by Sunday I will post my first baby update of pregnancy number two. The juicy stuff everyone is wondering. Think weight gain, movement, sleep, craving, symptoms, etc.) Have a great weekend, and of course, go Hokies!

My First Workout Since the Big Announcement!

Wow! The feedback that I received from my pregnancy post was phenomenal. We truly appreciate all of the support and prayers. What I failed to mention in the post, is that our second child is due during the last week of March 2015. Further, in our possession, we do have an envelope with a piece of paper in it that indicates the gender of our baby. We have not opened it yet. Nor have we asked the doctor or ultrasound technician to share it with us. We are celebrating the baby’s health and my health right now. My husband and I have decided that we will open the envelope together when/if we are ready (at this point the sex won’t change the way we feel about this baby, only the way we prepare).  I mean really?  As long as my baby is this happy and healthy I will be on cloud 9:

photo 1-71

My stress level dropped dramatically after my Tuesday appointment. It is very difficult to “hide” a pregnancy when I am used to performing at a certain level in workouts. I am thankful that I can continue to operate the way that I would during a normal pregnancy, and that I can finally share with my exercise group companions why I have been missing/slower lately. Finally, I am out of those baggy tees/tanks and back in some form fitting workout tops (proudly showing my tiny bump!).

photo 2-134

In what would be my first workout since the big announcement, I met 15 FiA (Females in Action) members at the Metropolitan for a 5:15 AM bootcamp Wednesday morning. I haven’t worked out with a group outdoors in several weeks. Weather was perfect for a good strength day. We ran almost ¾ of a mile over 45 minutes, which means that we spent a lot of timing doing exercises. Surprisingly, I am sorer from these body weight exercises than I thought I would be.

photo 2-79

The “Q” (person who leads), must have been reading my mind. Remember when I posted my “11” workout on Monday? This workout was yet another variation of an “11” workout. After a short run to a nearby soccer field, we completed runs in groups of three in between our “11” exercises. The way an “11” workout goes: Complete 10 reps of a specified exercise, followed by 1 rep of another exercise. Next, complete 9 reps of the same exercise you did 10 of before, followed by 2 reps of the other exercise you completed 1 time before. Continue subtracting one rep from the first exercise and adding one rep to the second exercise until you complete 1 rep of the first exercise and 10 of the second. You should be doing 11 reps total in each set. See the exercises that we completed below:

  • Single Leg Deadlift (equal reps on both legs is one), Plank Side Twist
  • Skater Lunges (equal reps on both legs is one), Plank Rockers
  • Forward lunge (equal reps on both legs is one), squat pulse

photo 1-132

I am feeling this in my glutes and hamstrings today. This is a lot more legs than you realize. Again, we ran in between each complete set of 11 exercises (so three times total). Following our circuits, we headed back to the parking lot to finish up with abs and stretching. Y’all, it felt good to be back. I have said time and time again that these ladies are such a positive group (and I mean it). In fact, several of the women complemented my blog post and congratulated me on our big news. I must say that I did not need to alter any of this workout around my pregnancy. The good part about FiA is that the workouts are geared towards all fitness levels. While I might not be the first to finish now, I am certainly not being left behind. There is a lot to be said about that.

People Say No One Child is Exactly Like Another – The Same Goes for Pregnancy

I wrote my first blog entries in candid word documents that I emailed to my family and close friends while I was pregnant with my daughter. I found that it was an easy way to keep people updated on my progress without having to talk to them regularly. I loved sharing pictures and stories about the whole process with the idea that one day I could share the posts with my daughter (as a woman you don’t realize how much details about your mother’s pregnancy with yourself will mean to you until you are ready to get pregnant yourself).

MB sideI knew when I started blogging that I wanted to have another child, which ultimately meant that the next time that I got pregnant, I would be sharing my personal baby blogs with the public. I was okay with this. I felt that active pregnant/fit women could use my blog to better understand how normal you can actually go about your life with a little one growing in your belly. Since my first pregnancy was a breeze, I had no doubt in my mind that round two would be even easier (I mean I had already trained for this right?).

photo 1-131

Here is where I spill the beans. I’m pregnant with baby number two, and it hasn’t been as picture perfect as I imagined (which is probably more relatable now than before). My husband and I have loved (almost) every second of being a mom and dad. In fact, we had no plans of preventing another pregnancy from happening as early as my body was ready. We were elated when we got our first positive pregnancy test (I will admit that getting pregnant was not as easy as I thought that it would be the first go round).   I scheduled a doctor’s appointment almost immediately to confirm that we were on track with baby number two, and the doctor was happy to confirm.


36 weeks pregnant during my first pregnancy.

That was at four weeks. I knew what my body could handle physically during the first trimester based on my experiences with my daughter. I continued teaching/riding, running, lifting and spending time with my workout group, FiA. I will never forget the first day of my fifth week. Friday, July 25th. I taught my regular 5:30AM Flywheel class before coming home and getting everyone ready for the day. After a series of (graphic) events, several hours later, I found myself on an examination table in my doctor’s office, in tears, scared and scrambling to figure out how to handle the rest of my priorities for the next several days.

photo 5-43

After an ultrasound, it was determined that I was experiencing a subchorionic hematoma (basically a blood clot between the membranes of my placenta and the uterus). Very rare (see the black shaded area to the right of the big black circle – that’s the clot). Even worse, there is no explanation for why it happens or information on how to make it go away. Trust me. It wasn’t the exercise. I was advised by my doctor to “rest” for a week, before coming back to see if the size of the clot had changed. At this point, I advised both Flywheel and my full time job that I would need to be at home for a few days (working as much as I could). They both obliged.

I shared the good (I was pregnant!) and bad (I was higher risk) news with immediate family members and friends that I knew I could lean on immediately for support. I’m tough, but not as tough as I thought. I spent several days at home praying, processing both positive and negative outcomes and letting some tears flow before my daughter got home from daycare. While I was going through a lot internally, she needed me more than anything. Sweet girl.

photo 3-89

Some of the food that friends brought us while I was restricted to the house. So thankful for snacks!

I went back to the doctor the following week and found out that the clot had in fact gotten smaller (you can’t even see in the ultrasound). I was cleared to go back to work, start walking and doing some light exercise. I took a deep breathe. Baby steps. Just so you know, my “light” exercise involved a lot of walking, elliptical and Tracey Anderson pregnancy DVD’s. Hence, why I was not posting much. The biggest risk of having a subchorionic hematoma is that the clot will interfere with the placenta, ultimately restricting nutrients to the baby, eventually causing the baby to miscarry. If the clot is still present after 20 weeks, the risk increases for placental abruption (i.e. my life is in danger).

photo 4-87

I was told that I needed to come back to the doctor the following week. This time we made big strides. The clot had decreased in size from over 2 cm to a little over 1 cm. I was cleared to add a little more exercise to my routine before being told that I needed to come back after our trip to New York. Since I had not experienced any additional bleeding since the first incident (it had been almost 4 weeks), I started doing higher intensity exercise in New York. Think running, pushups, abs and leg exercises. I was almost back to my regular routine. Better yet, the baby was still growing on track.


Our trip to New York (9 weeks).

In what would end up being my fourth and final ultrasound of my first trimester (week 9), the ultrasound technician had a hard time even seeing the clot. Still there, but continuing to get smaller. Again, the baby was on track. I was cleared to resume all normal activities (including teaching at Flywheel). At this point I was relieved but still scared. I didn’t need to come back until my first trimester was over (week 13), but I wanted more reassurance that I was going to be okay over a four week period. I continued to communicate with my doctor during the month. I ultimately reached the highest intensity that I would ever work out during pregnancy during this period.


Having fun after Flywheel during the first trimester!

I carried a smile on my face and worked hard throughout the entire time. If you look back at my posts over the past several weeks, you can see what kind of exercises I did during my first trimester, and most importantly, a lot of what I ate. There wasn’t much of a change from my regular routine. I am already showing, but I haven’t put on much new weight. If you were already wondering, thank you for not asking until I was ready to tell.

photo 3-116photo 2-133 I went back to the doctor today for my first ultrasound of my second trimester and a follow up appointment with my physician. The clot is gone. The baby is healthy. God is good. My anxiety has started to subside. I will never forget all of the special things that people have done for us when they could tell we were struggling. As we start to share this wonderful news, I hope that we can start to get our lives back to normal. Look, I have learned that real life isn’t always what it seems to be. This is real, which is why I wanted to share my story. I hope that someday someone can find some support in reading this story.   I told you it would be an exciting week of news. This is just the beginning!