Mid-Week “Rogue” Workout + Family Fit +Fun Night

I met a few of my girlfriends early Wednesday morning for a mid-week weights throw down. Over email/text on Tuesday, we were actually able to determine a place, time and legitimate system for how the workout would go.  That said, at approximately five in the morning, we gathered at a local park, each of us bringing a kettle bell and a set of dumbbells.  Plan was to finish before six, which was also the weather’s plan (when it started raining).

photo 3-77The workout was broken up into two parts (and boy did it burn).  I planned part one.

  • Run (we found a route that was almost exactly 800m out and back) at a moderate pace.  You should be able to converse.
  • Upon returning to the start (where your weights are), perform the following set of exercises:
    • Weighted Step Ups x10 each leg
    • Kettlebell Swings x10
    • Ab Extensions x10
    • Goblet Squats x10
    • Plank Hold Bicep Curl x10 each arm
  • Run the same route as above (approximately 800m).
  • Repeat the weight sequence above.
  • Run the same route as above (approximately 800m).
  • Repeat the weight sequence above.

photo 2-138I wanted to get the mileage in, because I knew Part Two of the workout was almost all stationary lifting.  Part Two was strictly five stations, 1 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible), repeated three times.  So what were the five stations?

  • Slam Balls
  • Renegade Row (dumbbell)
  • Thrusters (dumbbell or kettlebell)
  • Sumo Dead Lift/Upright Row (kettlebell)
  • Plank hold/Knee to Elbow

If you are not sore, you are not lifting enough weight. Good luck.  We finished with abs as the rain started to fall.  My watch was a little overstated, but in 45 minutes, we squeezed in almost two miles and definitely hit the weights hard.  Loved it.  Full disclosure:  This is typically my FiA workout day (Females in Action).   I will be back ladies.  I just need a good weight workout in the middle of the week (while I am still not that big!).

photo 1-134I must say that getting up early on Wednesday was difficult after being out later than usual on Tuesday evening.  It was worth it.  I represented Flywheel at St. Gabe’s Family Fit + Fun Night.  Y’all this is a great event.  Even better, I got to bring my daughter!

10689737_619814051468997_1003416603697187940_nHomer, the mascot of the Charlotte Knights, was there along with several local sports/fitness representatives.  Parents and kids were offered free exercises classes, samples of healthy food and information on options in Charlotte to get a good workout in.  See the sunglasses on the table?  These were the biggest hit.  Talk about advertising.  Kids were wearing them everywhere!  I wish that more (public) schools did things like this.


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