Monday Morning Bosu Workout + Tuesday Recovery Run

Food poisoning swept through our house Sunday evening, leaving my husband and I feeling very weak Monday morning (my husband more so than I). I stuck to an indoor Bosu workout in the basement. Theme of the workout was quality strength work in less than thirty minutes, including a five minute burnout to finish.

photo 1-15 You need two pieces of equipment. As the name of the post implies, you will need a Bosu, and a set of dumbbells. If you haven’t noticed, I have been using dumbbells more since I got pregnant. I feel like I have more control with the lighter weight, and I can still maximize effectiveness.

photo 2-137 Warm up – Over two minutes, I started my active warm up by walking in place, progressing into stepping onto the top of the Bosu (rounded side up), and finally side stepping up and over the Bosu. I completed twenty jumping jacks, twenty imperial walkers and twenty body weight squats before starting my workout.

Workout – Complete the following exercises sequentially as quick as possible, three times through.

  • Bosu Burpees x10 – Holding grips on side of Bosu, press Bosu to ceiling. Lower Bosu to the floor and complete a burpee with pushup.
  • Mountain Climbers x10 each leg – do not rest between your last burpee and starting these (get the heart rate up).
  • Bicep Curls x10 – Standing on top of rounded side of Bosu.
  • Elevated Squats x10 each leg – Again, do not rest between your bicep curls and squats. Step your right leg off Bosu, leaving your left leg positioned in the center of the rounded side of Bosu. Lower into a squat. Repeat on opposite side. Hold both dumbbells to make this difficult.
  • Tricep Dips x10 – Rounded side of Bosu up.
  • Deadlift Upright Row Combo x10 – Flat side of Bosu up.
  • Upright Rows x10 – You are not seeing a mistake. Following your combo, complete another set of rows with no deadlifts. No rest in between.
  • Double Leg Extension Crunch x10 middle, left, right side – Bosu rounded side up.

After I finished three sets of the exercises above, I completed five one minute long exercises.

  • Wall Sit
  • Plank Hold – place hands or feet on top of rounded side of Bosu to make more difficult.
  • Explosive Lunges
  • Push ups
  • Full Sit ups

photo 3-119

Tuesday Workout – After a good night’s rest and proper hydration, my husband and I were feeling somewhat “recovered” from our rough night Sunday. My daughter woke up early, which was good and bad. No workout for me Tuesday morning, but it gave me plenty of time to catch up on chores that I so desperately needed to catch up on. I packed a gym bag so that I could sneak in a lunch or afternoon workout. Thank goodness that I did. I hustled over to the gym and jumped on the treadmill for a quick thirty minute run. The good thing about a treadmill is that I can set my pace. I needed an “easy” day, so I hit 9:00/mile. Here we go.

photo 4-89 I took advantage of the space and full length mirror in the locker room to take a “belly” shot. I’m totally not into these, but if I am going to talk about pregnancy, I need to give you a visual. Here is the belly that I am working with fourteen weeks in. My daughter had a chance to represent Flywheel at a local church’s family fun and fit event Tuesday night. I can’t wait to post about it this week!

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