My First Workout Since the Big Announcement!

Wow! The feedback that I received from my pregnancy post was phenomenal. We truly appreciate all of the support and prayers. What I failed to mention in the post, is that our second child is due during the last week of March 2015. Further, in our possession, we do have an envelope with a piece of paper in it that indicates the gender of our baby. We have not opened it yet. Nor have we asked the doctor or ultrasound technician to share it with us. We are celebrating the baby’s health and my health right now. My husband and I have decided that we will open the envelope together when/if we are ready (at this point the sex won’t change the way we feel about this baby, only the way we prepare).  I mean really?  As long as my baby is this happy and healthy I will be on cloud 9:

photo 1-71

My stress level dropped dramatically after my Tuesday appointment. It is very difficult to “hide” a pregnancy when I am used to performing at a certain level in workouts. I am thankful that I can continue to operate the way that I would during a normal pregnancy, and that I can finally share with my exercise group companions why I have been missing/slower lately. Finally, I am out of those baggy tees/tanks and back in some form fitting workout tops (proudly showing my tiny bump!).

photo 2-134

In what would be my first workout since the big announcement, I met 15 FiA (Females in Action) members at the Metropolitan for a 5:15 AM bootcamp Wednesday morning. I haven’t worked out with a group outdoors in several weeks. Weather was perfect for a good strength day. We ran almost ¾ of a mile over 45 minutes, which means that we spent a lot of timing doing exercises. Surprisingly, I am sorer from these body weight exercises than I thought I would be.

photo 2-79

The “Q” (person who leads), must have been reading my mind. Remember when I posted my “11” workout on Monday? This workout was yet another variation of an “11” workout. After a short run to a nearby soccer field, we completed runs in groups of three in between our “11” exercises. The way an “11” workout goes: Complete 10 reps of a specified exercise, followed by 1 rep of another exercise. Next, complete 9 reps of the same exercise you did 10 of before, followed by 2 reps of the other exercise you completed 1 time before. Continue subtracting one rep from the first exercise and adding one rep to the second exercise until you complete 1 rep of the first exercise and 10 of the second. You should be doing 11 reps total in each set. See the exercises that we completed below:

  • Single Leg Deadlift (equal reps on both legs is one), Plank Side Twist
  • Skater Lunges (equal reps on both legs is one), Plank Rockers
  • Forward lunge (equal reps on both legs is one), squat pulse

photo 1-132

I am feeling this in my glutes and hamstrings today. This is a lot more legs than you realize. Again, we ran in between each complete set of 11 exercises (so three times total). Following our circuits, we headed back to the parking lot to finish up with abs and stretching. Y’all, it felt good to be back. I have said time and time again that these ladies are such a positive group (and I mean it). In fact, several of the women complemented my blog post and congratulated me on our big news. I must say that I did not need to alter any of this workout around my pregnancy. The good part about FiA is that the workouts are geared towards all fitness levels. While I might not be the first to finish now, I am certainly not being left behind. There is a lot to be said about that.

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