Healthy Indoor Tailgate Recipe Offset by Birthday Treats

I have mentioned several times in the blog that I am huge college football fan (can we say:  “Let’s go…HOKIES!!”).  Last week the Hokies pulled off a huge upset win at Ohio State. Unfortunately that left me worried about the game this weekend.  Although the game was at home Saturday, my parents and sister drove down to Charlotte to celebrate my birthday with me.  Just because we weren’t in Blacksburg didn’t mean that we didn’t want to have our own little indoor tailgate.

photo-49My husband and I contributed by making a super easy crock pot pulled barbecue recipe.  This recipe is so easy, you just need three ingredients:

  • 5 pounds of chicken breasts
  • 1/2 bottle of barbecue sauce (everyone has their favorite, so you pick here)
  • 1/2 diced onion

About six hours prior to the game (or right before my husband was about to leave for his Saturday morning workout), we turned the crockpot on HIGH 6 hours, added the chicken and finally poured the barbecue sauce on top.  Put the lid on and leave it alone.  After 4.5-5 hours the crockpot will look like the picture below.

photo 2-128At this point you need to pull the chicken apart using a two forks.  Trust me, it will fall apart.  Once the chicken is pulled, add the onion and cover the crockpot for another 45 minutes to an hour.  The end result is amazing and really easy.  Did I mention you could also take this to an outdoor tailgate and reheat with a portable crockpot?

photo 5-42My mom was in charge of snacks.  Look at this cute coffee table set up.  You can easily make a appealing, healthy spread for a group to share by putting out some cute napkins, offering a nut, some pretzels and a light dip.

photo 1-129We took advantage of the time that we were together watching the game to also celebrate my birthday.  My husband surprised me with a beautiful cake from Tizzert’s.  This is the same place that I have mentioned in previous posts that we go to for “Suarez Saturdays” to get donuts.  It is also the same place that made our wedding cake.  Speaking of wedding cake, guess what the flavor of my birthday cake was?  The same great flavor that I tasted the day I got married:  Vanilla pound cake, raspberry lemon filling with butter cream icing.

photo 3-114Since my daughter’s birthday is next month, we did a little practice run with her blowing out candles (notice the Hokie gear!).

photo 2-131The only thing that could have made my day better was if the Hokies could have pulled off a win.  Needless to say, the time I have spent with my family over the past several months has been priceless.  It meant the world to me to have them in town for a few days.

photo 1-128You would have thought my actual birthday was on Saturday (based on the details of my celebration).  However, Sunday was actually the big day.  I didn’t expect much as my family was rolling out of town, and we hadn’t made any plans for the day.  Boy was I surprised.  I have said numerous times how much the riders at Flywheel mean to me, and today they showed me how much I mean to them.  Getting up early to exercise on Sunday is not easy.  Flywheel Charlotte had advertised a birthday ride for myself.  I was amazed to see so many of my favorite people not only filling the stadium but shouting out “Happy birthday!” the entire morning.  I even found a little gift on the bike when I walked into the stadium (see the picture above).

photo 2-130Yet another good friend that I met through exercise (Logan), had surprised me with a small gift.  Inside the bag I found the cutest pair of bike earrings. Seriously?!  This is the kind of well thought out gift that puts a smile on your face.  Thank you Logan!

photo 4-86I’m glad that I woke up to teach/workout.  It’s all about moderation.  I knew that I was going to be indulging all weekend. I finished off my birthday celebration with my favorite dessert: a Dairy Queen blizzard.  Y’all it has been too long.  I didn’t feel bad about indulging in every little bite of this dessert.  As I enter my thirties, I feel pretty blessed that I have had the chance to be surrounded by such a great group of people.  I can only hope that the next thirty years will be just as fun!



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