Resistance Band Workout

I can appreciate a workout that can be done anywhere.  A friend of mind was headed out of town this week and requested a workout that could be done in her hotel room.  The catch was, the only piece of equipment she had available to take with her was a resistance band.  I remember all to well trying to get a decent workout in on the road.  It is hard to get motivated to  exercise in a hotel room sized gym.  Even when you do get to the hotel gym early, there is always the chance that all of the equipment will be taken.

photo 2-100Today’s workout utilized body weight and resistance bands.  This workout could really be done at home, in a hotel OR even at the gym.  I even clocked in right under thirty minutes.  Perfect if you are short on time.

photo 1-10

Station 1 – Complete 10 reps of each exercise sequentially.  Repeat station 2 more times, for a total of 3 times through the station.

  • Rotating Stationary Lunge with Row – Stand in a lunge position (one foot in front of the other), holding band in front, shoulder height with no slack.  As you lower into your lunge, pull your hands apart as band comes into chest.  After 10, switch the forward leg before moving to the next exercise.
  • Resisted Push up –  See starting position below.  Lower down into a push up and come back to starting position.

photo 3-86

  • Jump Squat – NO resistance band.  Squat down and explode up.
  • Standing Bicep Curl – Stand upright  with feet on resistance band, while holding each end.  Slight bend in knees, complete a bicep curl.  Change tightness of band to increase/decrease resistance.
  • Ab Crossover – Do 10 each side.

photo 4-64

Station 2 – Complete 10 reps of each exercise sequentially.  Repeat station 2 more times, for a total of 3 times through each station.

  • Bridge Kick Press – see start picture and extension picture below.

photo 1-101photo 2-101

  • Squat with Side Leg Lift – Start standing on band, feet shoulder width apart, one end of resistance band in each hand.  Lower into squat.  On your way up, raise your right leg out to the side.  Repeat on left side.  Do 10 each side.
  • Burpees – NO resistance band.  Your typical burpee.
  • Tricep Press – See starting position and exercise position picture below.

photo 3-85photo 4-63

  • Lean Twist – Starting position will be the same as the triceps kickback.  Exercise position picture below.

photo 5-31



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