“How Hard Could That Workout Really Be?”

I had a networking lunch this week with a colleague that I met through working in a similar business industry (real estate). The lunch ultimately had to do with business, but eventually turned into a discussion about fitness. It is very interesting how a formal business meeting can be turned into a casual lunch when two people can find a common ground talking about exercise. Upon developing our conversation around working out, the topic of the all-men’s workout group, F3, came up. Funny, because I had done FiA that morning (the female equivalent of F3).


As someone who had never tried F3, the naïve soul asked me, “I mean how hard could that workout really be?” Ahem. My eyes must have gotten huge. Every time my husband gets home from working out at an F3 workout he is drenched in sweat and appears to eat everything in our pantry (if you didn’t know, my husband won the 2013 Men’s Open Carolinas Spartan Race). He isn’t exhausted after an F3 workout because he is out of shape. The caliber of men at these workouts (both professionally and athletically) and the quality of the workouts is incredible based on the fact that it is entirely peer led and FREE. If the reason why you haven’t tried FiA or F3 is because you don’t think it will be hard enough then you are crazy. You get what you put in when completing one of these workouts.

photo 2-93One positive to all workouts is that “backblasts” or recaps of each workout, at each location, are posted by the person that leads (“Q”) after every workout. Take a second to go on the website to see what a group did at a specific location the prior week. I guarantee you that you will be surprised.   I know that I was. As I thought about how to respond to that unexpected question, I decided the easiest way to explain the difficulty level would be to tell him about the intensity of the workout that I had done that morning. It was pretty simple and geared around a Crossfit workout (even written on a white board).

photo 1-92After completing all exercises, down the list and back up, we sprinted 200 meter repeats (again you get what you put in) and finished with some hip exercises. We even caught a perfect view of the Charlotte skyline as the sun was rising. I’m sure that several of the ladies saw me hunched over with my hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath after each sprint. I was sweating, my heart was racing and I felt strong. I got way more out of this workout than I would have gotten out of a run by myself around the neighborhood. In fact, as I was explaining the workout to my peer (who also goes to a Crossfit), I could tell I had him interested.

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