Fourth of July Family Time

On Saturday and Sunday it worked out such that I got to spend quality, one on one time with each of my immediate family members before they headed out of town.  A lot of things in my life have changed since having a baby, but I would say one of the more positive changes is that every day I feel like my relationships with my family get stronger.  Something about seeing the world again through the eyes of my daughter helps me appreciate each and every moment that I have with my loved ones.

photo-34My sister and I walked over to Freedom Park with my mom on Saturday afternoon.   We rolled out a blanket and let my daughter play while we chatted and enjoyed the weather.  So much for that humid, unbearable Charlotte heat.  We sat comfortably outside for almost an hour.

photo 1-91My daughter clearly adores my sister.   When the two of them laugh simultaneously you can feel the happiness bounce back and forth between them.  You wouldn’t be able to tell in the picture that my daughter was not feeling 2-91My workouts over the weekend were strictly teaching Flywheel and walking.  Sunday morning was the perfect end to a great weekend at the studio.  Since my dad was in town, he came over and watched my daughter so that my husband could come and ride.  Speaking of my dad, we snuck out for a father-daughter dinner Sunday night.

DSC00930Since I was a senior in college, each year, we have planned a father-daughter vacation.  Typically it is a long weekend.  The picture above is from a trip that we took to Nebraska for a Virginia Tech football game.  Other stops on our trips have included: San Francisco, Montreal, Boston and Chicago.  I bring this up because we haven’t been on a trip since I got pregnant.  Not because we can’t go, but over the past two years things have just evolved such that we have more time to get together all year long (we don’t have to “catch up” over a trip).

photo 3-76For dinner, we ended up at a neighborhood favorite, Nolen Kitchen. Two hours sure does go by fast.  I ordered the salmon entree (only after we indulged on some of the house special zucchini chips).  As usual, my meal was delicious, timely and very filing. I am already looking forward to going back.

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