Fourth of July Weekend

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we packed in as much as we could on the Fourth of July.  I started my morning with a 5:15 AM workout with the Females in Action (FiA) ladies.   The group offered two workouts back to back, called a “double down”.  The first workout was a bootcamp workout run out of the Metropolitan mixed-use development.  The entire workout was completed on the greenway, so we were able to get some good mileage in.

photo 5-28Through a series of circuits, we completed several sets of decline pushups, squat jumps, and ab exercises. I headed home after the first workout, so my husband could head to his workout.  Several of the other women headed to the second workout (at a different location).  Great work ladies!

BrtBZ8ZCcAAPoDI.jpg-largeI have to take a second to share a little information about my husband’s workout.  I have mentioned several times that the reason why I even started FiA is because of my husband’s involvement in F3.  July fourth is a big day for the men of F3.  Instead of offering separate workouts all over the Charlotte metro area, the group runs a “convergence” workout.  For the special day, all groups join together to run one big workout (that is almost double the time of a normal workout).  At 7:00 in the morning 100 men began a peer led workout that spanned several miles along the greenway (American flags were also mounted to shovels that were carried throughout the workout).  Total workout was approximately an hour and half, followed by coffee.


My “double down” was teaching a power hour Flywheel class after my husband’s convergence workout.  Yes, we celebrated our freedom spending a good part of the morning working out.  Classes at Flywheel were the most energized and packed that I have seen them in a long time.  My entire playlist was geared towards the Fourth of July theme.  Think red, white, blue, America, U.S.A.  (see above).  We totally rocked it out Friday morning.  I mean when people get as decked out as the picture below it has to be a good ride right?!  LOVED the enthusiasm!

10463627_576086832508386_6761584388666904436_oAfter class, we regrouped at the house and enjoyed a backyard barbecue with family in the afternoon.  The weather in Charlotte was unbeatable for July.  Little to no humidity with lower average temperatures.  We converted a metal bucket used to serve bottled drinks into a mock water table for my daughter and niece to play in.


Even with the early way up call, my husband and I went out for a date night that evening (while my parents babysat my daughter).  We were able to grab last minute tickets to the Charlotte Knights game, which included Fourth of July fireworks after the game.

photo 1-88I was pleasantly surprised at how well designed the stadium is.  Before getting to our seats, we took a stroll around the stadium and found that the majority of food options were local restaurants (they also had typical stadium food).  They offered several craft beer options from local breweries.  Behind centerfield is a kid’s play area that entertains mock batting areas and machines that will measure pitch speed.  The way the outfield is placed makes the skyline and city of Charlotte look huge!

photo 2-88

We tried several times to take  a “selfie” only to be photo bombed by almost every one who walked by or sat down behind us.  It actually turned into a big joke by the end of the game.

photo 4-54The Knights lost, but everyone stuck around after the game to catch the fireworks display.  Timing of the show was not well planned.  By the time the field was transitioned from baseball equipment to sound equipment, it was almost 11:00 when the first firework went off.  That seems a little late for all of the kids that were at the game.  Hopefully next year they will consider starting the game a little earlier to get the fireworks off at a decent time.

photo 3-74Other than timing, the fireworks show was great.  I haven’t been to see uptown fireworks since I lived uptown, and I have to say that it was worth going to. I can’t say that I would have felt that way if I had a child with me.  We have so much to be thankful for this year and celebrating our freedom with proud Americans doing the things that we really love was everything that we could have asked for.

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