Flywheel + Watermelon + Gelato

Friday = Flywheel for me!  My regular time slots on the Charlotte schedule run Friday – Sunday.  After the US advanced to the elimination round of the World Cup, I decided to throw in a few US themed songs and sported my stars and stripes Flywheel tank (see picture below).  Class was full, and the energy was exciting for a 5:30 AM start.   Riders, you will never know how amazing the rush of a full, loud class is.  Don’t be afraid to let us know how you are feeling!

photo 4-47

After work Friday, I swung by the local Farmers Market to pick up fruits and vegetables for the week.  Typically, as I am checking out, I tell the cashier to add a small seedless watermelon to my bill.  That way, I can go pick it up after I load all of my other food.  After dropping my other food off in the car, I turned the corner to pick up my watermelon, and I was completely shocked with how large the “small” was.  We had trouble eating a regular watermelon last week.  I asked the man working the watermelon stand to give me the smallest “small” watermelon he had.

photo 1-84I could barely hold the thing up.  In my mind, I imagined that the watermelon probably weighed as much as my daughter, but it felt heavier because of the awkward way that I had to carry it.   I had to test it.  When I got home, I put it on the scale.  28 pounds!!  WHAT!

photo 2-83I paid $5.99 for a 28 pound watermelon that is larger than a basketball and almost ten pounds heavier than my child.  My husband and I rationalized that it was probably hollow in some areas.  Until I cut it open.

photo 3-68Solid.  The entire watermelon is edible.  We will see what kind of dent we can put in it this weekend before we decide whether or not we will try to use it for a sorbet.  I HATE throwing good food away.

photo 1-83Speaking of sorbet.  We took a family walk Saturday to Park Road Shopping Center to grab a treat from the new gelato stand in the center’s parking lot.  I was all for grabbing some gelato until the woman working the shop told us that the sorbet (peach and strawberry) was made from fresh, locally grown fruits.  Sign me up!

photo 4-49The other flavors were enticing, but we decided to try the locally grown flavors.  I was waiting for a place like this around the Myers Park area.  I will admit, I am not a fan of Yoforia (located in the Selwyn area). It is overpriced, icy frozen yogurt (and a chain).

photo 1-82The vibe of this local stand is too cute.  It has a throwback feel that parallels that of the entire shopping center.  It is super clean and upbeat.  Totally worth checking out if you are in the area. It is kid friendly too!

photo 3-69

We might have given my daughter a little taste.  The sorbet is dairy free.

photo 4-48On our walk to the stand, I did notice that the shopping center has added several outdoor seating areas that are open to the public.  That’s right.  You don’t have to be a restaurant patron.  These comfy seats are open to all.  Grab a coffee or dessert at Suarez and HANG OUT.  I LOVE it!  The overcast day actually turned into a great afternoon.

photo 2-81

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