Brick Workout – Perfect Bike-to-Run Efficiency Workout

Every Friday one of my regular riders does a morning “brick workout”.  If you are not familiar with what a brick workout is, it is a common workout used by individuals training for triathlons (even duathlons) to mimic the transition from one exercise discipline to another (for example: swim to bike or bike to run).  Transition time is kept to a minimum to really try to imitate a quick transition during a race.  Completing a bike-to-run brick is a great way to improve efficiency by teaching your legs what it feels like to switch over to running-specific muscle groups.

photo 1-77Whenever I can, I try to run with my rider after class.  Friday, we ran a three mile loop following a typical 45 minute Flywheel class. I continue to be impressed with our pace.  We ran a little further than we did the last time that we ran together and to my surprise the pace was faster!  She is definitely getting better at the transition, and so am I!  Even if you are not training for a triathlon this is a high intensity workout that is a great change up from a typical cardio session.  Give it a try OR join us one morning!

photo 3-63Saturday, I taught two great classes in the morning at Flywheel.  There were so many NEW riders, including a fellow blogger “SouthernBelleSecrets“.  She did a great writeup on her first ride and experience at the studio.  Thanks for sharing!  Following class, the family met at the US National Whitewater Center for lunch.  Everything about this place is awesome, including the hospitality and food.

photo 2-76The entire restaurant sits on a platform overlooking the whitewater rafting area.  We arrived in the middle of lunchtime (around 1PM).  The line was scary to even make a reservation.  We were told it would be 35 minutes.  Fair.  They take your phone number, so you can enjoy activities until your table is ready.  I love this.  You can still go wherever you want and not lose coverage with one of those little pagers.  To my surprise, we were seated in 15 minutes.  I ordered the smoked turkey wrap with fries.  It was one of those days!  (I was hungry after two Flywheel classes).  The food was good and it came out quick (again to my surprise!).

photo 4-45We walked around for a little while following our meal.  In the background of the picture above, you can see the whitewater rafting area, along with one of the rock climbing walls.  So much for all ages to do.  My daughter (who just turned 8 months) loved looking at all of the activity.  The activity is worth the drive, but so is a good beer and lunch on a patio overlooking it all!

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