Working on that Speed! + Happy Birthday Mom

Someone asked me today how I have time to work out with everything else that I have going on. I really take the time to prioritize fitness into my schedule and most importantly I am FLEXIBLE. If I can’t force myself to get up early in the morning to get a workout in, I try to adjust my day to squeeze in thirty minutes during the day (that’s all you need!). If I time it right, I can walk to the gym from my work, workout for exactly thirty minutes, shower quickly (use dry shampoo) and walk back to work in exactly one hour. Depending on my day, I will do this before work, at lunch or at the end of the day.

photo 1-72 Today was one of those days that I only had thirty minutes to workout. Since I did strength yesterday, I opted to get an efficient and effective cardio session in today. Mock track, treadmill workout it is. I think I have mentioned how much I despise treadmills, but when I am squeezed for time they force me to go at a pace that I can better monitor over quick intervals (without all of the outdoor variables – change in terrain/weather).

photo 2-71

As I started the treadmill, I could already feel that my legs were a little fatigued from my driveway jump rope workout yesterday. Take time to warm up.  When I am not feeling my best, I like to think of the Flywheel slogan “Never Coast”.  Good thing I had the shirt on today to remind me!

Warm up – Run 400m (.25 miles) at a slow pace. Slowly increase your speed as you get closer to the end of your warm up.

Workout – This is a pyramid style track workout in which you should be going at a very fast pace during your interval (what I would call race pace in a 5k). See interval and recovery below. Recovery should be 1-2 miles per hour slower than your interval pace (Yes, it seems like a lot, but take it!)

  • Run 200m (.12-.13 miles) – Recover 200m (.12-.13 miles)
  • Run 200m (.12-.13 miles) – Recover 200m (.12-.13 miles)
  • Run 400m (.25 miles) – Recover 200m (.12-.13 miles)
  • Run 400m (.25 miles) – Recover 200m (.12-.13 miles)
  • Run 800m (.5 miles) – Recover 400m (.25 miles)
  • Run 400m (.25 miles) – Recover 200m (.12-.13 miles)
  • Run 400m (.25 miles) – Recover 200m (.12-.13 miles)
  • Run 200m (.12-.13 miles) – Recover 200m (.12-.13 miles)
  • Run 200m (.12-.13 miles) – Recover 200m (.12-.13 miles)

After your last 200m recovery, you should hit right at 3.5 miles. Walk or very slowly jog any time that you have left until you hit thirty minutes. I will warn you that I “hit the wall” as I started to go down the pyramid. To get myself to the finish, I slowed down even more on my recovery to turn around and get back up to my fast paced interval speed (that’s OKAY!).

IMG_0189I have to end this post wishing my mom a happy birthday!  My mom is such a beautiful person from the inside out.  We have definitely had to work through some of our differences (mostly me being a know it all teenager), but she has always been there for me.  Now that I am a mom, I realize how hard it is to work through raising a child while earning a paycheck and balancing all other aspects of life.  I truly appreciate the love and unselfish support that she has given me my whole life.  She always makes life fun and she definitely knows how to “work a room”.  Love you!



1 thought on “Working on that Speed! + Happy Birthday Mom

  1. Ellen Wade

    Life is truly a journey and you want to enjoy the ride for the long haul. Embrace each year with grace and dignity. There is something new to learn every year. Take time to listen. Hugs to my family and fabulous network of friends! That is what my life is all about – connecting with people! Love to Jennifer!!


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