Friday Funday – Flywheel + US Open & Father’s Day Weekend

Wow! A busy week ended with a busy Friday Funday.  I call it this because I started my day teaching a 5:30 AM Flywheel class, before taking the day off of work to go to the US Open at Pinehurst.  Flywheel Charlotte had the privilege of hosting master instructor Aleah Stander (based out of Miami) in the studio Wednesday – Friday.  I had the pleasure of having her in my class Friday!  THANK YOU Aleah.  I did not get to return the favor and ride with her, but I heard the class was great (see post-class picture below).  I also want to congratulate Jenna Bertram (Flywheel Charlotte’s own instructor), who was promoted to master instructor this week!

10390080_565212263595843_3678154788209444577_nOn to the tournament.  I will not be the first to say that you do not need to workout before walking the course at a golf tournament.  You are on your feet a good part of the day.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of pictures to share with you from the tournament, because there is a no cell phone policy.  That means, NO phones at all.  Don’t even try.  You can’t even get on the shuttle bus without going through a metal detector.

photo-24I don’t know how to say this nicely, but I was not impressed with the facilities and the overall planning of such a big tournament.  I don’t know if USGA rules or tournament rules were the reason for some of the issues, but I give Quail Hollow (in Charlotte) a ton of credit for running a a tournament that I feel is much more enjoyable than the 2014 US Open.  Here are just a few of the issues that I experienced:

  • Little to no seating – Forget sitting on the ground.  The flat course full of sand is not made to sit on (like the grassy, well groomed slopes of Quail Hollow and other courses).
  • All food and beverages are sold at the same scarce concession stands.  That means if you just want a beer/soda/water, you have to stand in the same line as people who want food.  Hours later you can get back to the tournament (because it takes hours to get through this line) OR you can suffer from dehydration because you would rather watch the tournament.
  • Wear closed toed shoes.  I wore sandals, and I have never seen my feet so dirty in my entire life.  True story.  Try riding home in the car with those grimy feet.

I feel fortunate to be able to attend such a great tournament, but I would not go back to this course to watch a tournament.  The best decision that we made all day was to park in the Blue lot.  That’s right, drive the extra five miles and PARK IN THE BLUE LOT.  You will thank me when you are loading onto the bus at the end of the day.

photo 2-68

We were out of the tournament by 5:30, which means we were back to Charlotte by 8.  The drive there and back is relatively easy.  After an entire day of little to no beverages, we were ready for a good dinner and few cold drinks as soon as we got back to the Queen City.  We were worried about what kind of crowds we might run into on a Friday night, but we were surprised when we arrived at Lebowski’s (off East Blvd), and there was no wait to sit down.

photo 1-69

If you haven’t been to this restaurant, it has a Buffalo Bills/Syracuse/upstate New York theme going on.  Great menu and beer list.  I was ready for a fresh dinner, so I ordered the Mission Bay Salad, plus chicken.  What you don’t see are the fries on the side.  So good.  You could tell the chicken was cooked fresh on site and the black bean/corn salsa was such a good topping that I didn’t really need dressing.

photo-26 So it’s Father’s Day weekend.  Friday was Funday, but the rest of the weekend is all about Father’s Day.  I have talked a lot about my workout group FiA (Females in Action), but this event was held by the male group F3 (that FiA was spun off of).  This all men’s peer led workout group does a great thing on the Saturday before Father’s Day.  This morning they invited any F3 dads to bring their kids to Freedom Park to do a workout with them.  What a great idea!  Even though my daughter is too young to exercise, my husband took her to play and watch all of the other kids.  She loved it, and I love that they put together such  big event for dads to spend time with their children in such a healthy the workout, both dads and kids “circled up” to introduce themselves to the group.  Every workout ends with a prayer, and so did this one.  Great work to all of the dads and kids that participated on such a beautiful morning!

photo 3-56While my husband and daughter were at the park together, I taught an early Flywheel class and ran errands for the weekend.  I may have been one of the first people at the Farmers Market.  White peaches are here!  Something about these tastes sweeter than regular peaches. Fresh from South Carolina.  If you see them, try them.

photo 4-39If you read my blog regularly, Saturday usually calls for Suarez.  Suarez Bakery, located in Park Road Shopping Center, has the most incredible donuts (baked fresh that morning).  My husband loves a good donut, so it was a given that for Father’s Day weekend we needed to have some at the house.  Rather than risk them being sold out of his favorite, I preordered his donuts  (see picture below).  Clearly, if donuts are not your thing, you can likely find something in the plethora of other amazing bakery items (see picture above).

photo 5-19We have a lot to celebrate at our house this weekend (with the best of company).  I look forward to sharing with you later this weekend.  In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day weekend to all of the amazing dads!

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