Completing My Husband’s At-Home Outdoor Bootcamp

After leaving the gym on Tuesday, I ran into a male friend of mine that commented that he loved my blog, but he thought that most of my boot camps are geared towards women. Ouch! I would like to think that most of my workouts are unisex, so I took this comment into consideration when doing my work out today. In fact, my entire workout this morning was the same workout that my husband completed yesterday (so it was designed by a man). To be transparent, there are some differences in the way that he completed the workout, and the way that I did. My husband is a former group exercise instructor, so I completely value his input when planning workouts.

photo 2-9

Total workout time today was somewhere between 40-50 minutes (depending on how long it takes you to push through each group of exercises). The main difference between the way that my husband and I did this workout is that he wore a 15 pound weight vest the entire time. To make up for this, I modified some of the exercises so that I was holding a weight (where his weight was the weight in his vest).

A picture of the equipment that I used.

A picture of the equipment that I used.

A picture of the equipment my husband used.

A picture of the equipment my husband used.

Warm up – Jump rope for five minutes. That’s right. When was the last time I jumped rope? I can already tell my calves will be sore. Alternate between single leg jumps, two footed jumps, alternating feet, etc. Just do it for five minutes.

Workout – The workout is broken up into “stations”. Complete each station before moving on to the next one.

Station 1 (complete each exercise 3 times sequentially) –

  • 10 Step ups (each leg) off the side of the porch. If you don’t have an elevated porch, you can do lunges here. Since I did not have a weighted vest on, I held a dumbbell with both hands.
  • 20 Dips off the side of the porch. Start with legs straight out in front. As your arms start to get tired, bend your knees, so your feet are flat on ground.
  • 10 Decline pushups – Modify by doing incline pushups or pushups on the ground.

Station 2 (complete each exercise 3 times sequentially) –

  • 10 Kettlebell side bends (each side)
  • 20 Full Sit-ups with feet elevated on steps of porch (about the height of a second step)
  • 10 Knee to elbow holding a plank position

Station 3 (complete each exercise 2 times sequentially) –

  • 50 prisoner squats
  • 25 push-ups (I did 20 here) – 15 seconds rest
  • 25 push-ups (I did 15 here)

Station 4 – Complete Station 1 just 2 times sequentially

At this point you should be right around thirty minutes. Hold a plank until you hit thirty minutes.

Station 5 – Kettlebell work (complete each exercise 3 times sequentially) –

  • 20 Swings
  • 10 Upright Rows
  • 10 Goblet Squats
  • 10 Upright Rows

Cool Down – Finish up jump roping another five minutes. Again, alternate how you jump rope. At this point, I cut my watch off. Fortunately, a friend of mine came over to do the workout with me this morning. I know that you have seen Logan in several of my pictures. It is so much easier to get up early to exercise when someone else is relying on me. Thank you Logan!

photo 1-61P.S.  I had to share this incredible photo of my family out walking on National Running Day last night.  I hope that my daughter’s enthusiasm for the sport continues well throughout her life!

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