The Condo Dweller (FiA) Bootcamp + National Running Day

Happy Wednesday! Today is National Running Day. Every year on the first Wednesday in June, runners everywhere are asked to declare their passion for running. I chose to spend this important day for the sport with the ladies of FiA (Females in Action). If you haven’t read about my experience with this great group, check out the Product/Studio Review section of the blog. Each week, a designated “Q” is assigned to lead a workout at a specific location. The workout that I completed today was at Metropolitan, and was led by a “Q” that I have not worked out with before. She ROCKED!

photo 4-34

Happy National Running Day!

I included “Condo Dweller” in the title of this blog, because the entire workout was done in the parking deck at the Metropolitan mixed use development complex. I actually used to own a condo in this area, so my husband and I would use the ramps of the parking deck to get a workout in (especially when it was raining and we wanted to be covered). Uptown/city dwellers, you are in luck! There is an advantage to living in a building with a parking deck.

photo 3-48

I will be the first to say that I prefer to get in some mileage when I do a bootcamp workout. I realize it is difficult to keep a group with varying speeds together, but today’s workout did just that. There were 20 people, so we split up into two groups of 10.

Warm up – Run from the silver ball at the greenway to the top of the Target parking deck (this was a slow pace). If you aren’t familiar with the layout, take about 5 minutes to jog at the location that you are working out. At the top of the parking deck, we completed some plyometric drills. Think high knees, butt kicks, faster paced jogs down and back.

Workout – With exactly 10 people in each group, one group was running while the other group was exercising. By running, I mean, run down the steps of the parking deck to the first level. Run back up the parking deck on the ramps. Yes, it is longer running up, than running down. In a parking deck, the ramp is your time to accelerate and really focus on form. You can recover when it flattens out on each level. Push through the short hill.

Each group went up and down the parking deck 4 times (there are also 4 levels). As I mentioned above, each group switched between running and doing an exercise. Here is the rotation of exercises completed at the top of the deck in between runs:

  • 1st round – Crab walk x 10. In the same crab walk position, reach one hand to the shin of your opposite leg. Do 10 on each side. Repeat this sequence until the other group is done running. If you are alone, do each exercise two times.
  • 2nd round – Plank walks (10 each side). Holding the plank, tap your left shoulder with your right hand. Alternate sides. 10 each side, alternating. Again, repeat this sequence until the other group is done running or do each exercise two times (I think you get the drift! Same for rounds three and four).
  • 3rd round – 30 bicycle abs, followed by 10 pushups.
  • 4th round – Hip thrusters (10 each leg), followed by V-sit hold 15 seconds.


Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage of this workout is that in the middle of the deck, my GPS watch loses satellite. The mileage on my GPS is not indicative of the actual mileage that we put in doing this workout. I was yet again surprised with how high I got my heart rate pushing up the inclines. After 4 rounds of this, we ended the workout with a stationary core sequence, jog back to start and prayer.

photo 2-61I want to give another huge shout out to the ladies that competed in the Ramblin Rose last weekend! I feel very fortunate to train with such a diverse group of athletes on a regular basis. As someone who was introduced to exercise through running, National Running Day is a day that we will celebrate in my household. Make sure you share the love today!

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