Treadmill Workout Part 2 + Healthy Panini Recipe

I have only posted one treadmill workout, because I don’t do them often. However, today I used this dreadful machine to push my pace through a hard interval workout. I will give credit where credit is due. A Flywheel rider, now friend, who read my first treadmill workout, first introduced me to the term “dreadmill”. Perfect description. No one likes feeling like they are a hamster on a wheel, but if you use this machine effectively, you can limit the amount of time that you have to spend on it and still torch a TON of calories. My blog is all about efficiency, so this workout warm up to finish was exactly 30 minutes.

photo 3-47

This was an informal track interval workout. That means incline was set to 0.0, and I literally watched the little dot on the treadmill’s screen make laps around a mock track.

This was an informal track interval workout. That means incline was set to 0.0, and I literally watched the little dot on the treadmill’s screen make laps around a mock track.

Warm up – Use this time to figure out how your body is feeling on a particular day. I typically run the first two minutes at a jog pace. I’m talking slow. Wake it up. Over the next three minutes, I gradually increase my pace until I get to what my “recovery” pace will be in my workout.

As a guideline, I try to bank an entire MPH difference between my recovery and interval pace (i.e. recover at 7.5 speed and push at 8.5 speed). Clearly, you can modify these numbers as you see fit for your workout. There are days when I will drop my recovery to 1.5 lower than my interval speed.

Workout – So, with 25 minutes to go after the warm up, I did the following workout:

  • 8 x 400 (1/4 mile) with 200 meter recovery

I was gassed by the end of the 6th interval, so after 8, I completely started walking through whatever time I had left. That’s OKAY!

photo 1-59

The Woodway treadmill.

Since I went to the gym at an odd hour, I had the chance to run on a different type of treadmill – the Woodway. I’m sure that these things are expensive, which is why you don’t see many of them around, but there are so many benefits to using a machine like this instead of the typical treadmill. This machine is made with a special shock absorbing belt that reduces the impact of each stride a runner makes. It also is more adaptable for runners with a longer stride (I typically run up on top of the lip of the standard treadmill). Having the freedom to stretch my stride out without hitting a plastic divider in front of me is incredible. The design of this treadmill compared to the standard treadmill is just more appealing.

photo 2-59

A typical treadmill. Notice the plastic piece at the front of the belt.

The incline and speed adjustment nobs are on the lower side of each railing of the machine. This makes it easier when completing a workout like the one that I was doing today to adjust your speed drastically without having to struggle to find buttons on the main screen. If you have a chance to try one of these machines, see if you can tell the difference.  As someone that has suffered numerous running injuries, this high performance treadmill is my first choice when available.


I have to get a shout out tonight to my new friend “Wheels” (her real name is Allyson, but we met at FiA, so we refer to each other by our nicknames).  We grabbed lunch uptown today to exchange ideas about the impact of social media on fitness and really just have a brainstorming session on everything from FiA to the blog to family.  She recently organized the design of new FiA visors.  I will be sporting mine around town soon!

photo 1-60How about dinner tonight?  I had to share this, because it is so easy, filling AND healthy.  You already know that we usually cook extra food Sunday to eat during the week.  This Sunday, we grilled additional chicken to eat later on.  Leftover chicken doesn’t have to be bland.  I use it to make so many different panini varieties.  Using the ingredients above, we make chicken paninis with pepper jack cheese and chunky guacamole.  SO incredibly filling, yet delicious.  Any dryness leftover in the chicken is taken away by the juiciness in the guacamole.  It also only takes about 15 minutes start to finish to make!

photo 2-60

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