Front Porch Workout Part 2

Can you believe it has been almost two weeks since I posted an at-home workout? With all of the travel that we have been doing my workouts have been less organized. I love structure, so I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back home and on a routine. This is the perfect time of the year to work out in the morning outdoors. The temperature is mild, but not too hot, and the sun is rising by 6:00 AM. To seem more adaptable to any surrounding, I wanted to post a workout today that you could do on your driveway/sidewalk/front porch.

photo 4-19 The only equipment that you need is either a set of dumbbells or a kettlebell. I went with dumbbells (since I really haven’t swung a heavy kettle bell in a few weeks). Don’t try to be superman (or woman). I start my watch when I start my warm up. Workout today took just over twenty-five minutes. Perfect for a Monday (when I typically seem to have more going on than most other weekdays).

photo 1-7

Warm up – I utilized my driveway to warm up. Using approximately 10-15 meters one way, I started off doing the following exercises down and back, two times each:

  • Slow jog
  • Side shuffles w/arm extension (face same direction on way back)
  • Imperial walkers
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Skips

Workout – I will be the first to admit that since I have been gone for a few weeks, I didn’t do as much strength work as I should have. Today, I really wanted to focus on my legs and abs. Admittedly, my go to strength exercise out of town was upper body (pushup and dips). Repeat the following circuit four times through sequentially.

  • 10 Kettlebell swings (or dumbbells)
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Weighted Squats – do goblet squats if you have a kettlebell OR hold a dumbbell in each hand by your side if you have dumbbells.
  • 10 Tricep dips (off your front porch or steps)
  • Abs – Place feet on front porch steps. Hold a plank for 10 seconds with hands on the ground in front of steps. After 10 seconds, slowly bring your right knee to your right elbow, then back to starting. Repeat with left leg. Do 10 each leg.
  • 10 Squat Jumps (each leg) – Stand perpendicular to your front porch step. Place the leg closest to the step on the step. The other leg will be on the ground. Squat down, and then explode up. Do 10, and then switch sides. (Remember these from my beach workout?)

photo 5-10

  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 Squats with Leg Raise – Start in same position as the squat jumps. Lower into a squat, as you rise out of the squat, lift the leg that was on the ground out to the side as you straighten the leg on the step. Do 10, and then switch sides.
  • 10 Bicep Curls
  • Abs – Side Planks with Crunch. Hold a side plank with one arm on the front porch step (feet extended to ground). If you have the stability, crunch your top elbow to your top knee. Do 10, and then switch sides.

photo 2-58

Sun was starting to rise as I was finishing the workout ,and the baby was waking up for the day.  Loved getting to enjoy the beautiful flowers that we planted the day before. Happy Monday!

photo 3-46

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