Workout Update + Weekend Wrap Up

As I mentioned in my last post, the majority of my workouts were cardio based out of Flywheel.  I think that I have mentioned before that on the days that I teach, I typically don’t do anything else (because I work as hard as my riders!).  On Wednesday, I made an exception.  Although I was teaching Flywheel Wednesday night, I decided to get up to work out with my FiA ladies for bootcamp at Metropolitan.  Our “Q” (person who leads the workout), did a great upper body/core based workout, in which we also logged in almost two miles.  Almost thirty ladies showed up, including, two FNGs (“Friendly New Girls”) that I had invited from the Lululemon Southpark store.  It was so fun working out with these ladies and introducing them to such a great group.  By the way, I want to give a HUGE shout out to all of the FiA women that competed in the Ramblin Rose Triathlon today! 10325343_10152400631740600_6033454055594439567_nSaturday I kicked off the day teaching the early morning Flywheel class (I’m talking 6:15 AM).  As far as I know, there aren’t many places, other than the street, that are open that early to workout on a Saturday.  Get up, and come join me!  I love telling my riders in that early class that they can walk out the door and smile when they see all of the other people just starting their workout.  What a relief when you know that yours is over (and nonetheless, you rocked it!). photo 1-56Post-Flywheel, I grabbed breakfast with my daughter and our sitter.  I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the fact that she is willing to come over so early, so I can come teach!  My parents were in town this weekend, so we spent some quality time with them during the afternoon.  We also got in a fun stroll around the park. photo 2-55 BIG announcement:  Madison learned to crawl this week!  I was clearly oblivious to the fact that once she learned to move on her own, she would be out of control when we go out in public.  There is a reason why everyone was telling us to go out with her as much as possible when she was confined to a car seat.  Thank god we went to a kid friendly restaurant-Pacos Tacos.  I ordered the chopped salad with chicken (which is absolutely amazing), but I think half of it ended up on the floor, as my daughter also has started eating bites of table food this week.  Anything in her reach will likely end up in her mouth. If she can’t gum it, it gets thrown on the floor.  I’m sorry Pacos Tacos! photo 1-57Sunday I taught my final Flywheel class of the week.  Even though it is really a new week, in my mind, I kind of lump all of my weekend classes into the same week.  I don’t know what it was about this week, but the energy in all of my classes was insane!  I was just feeling every single ride.  THANK YOU riders.  You truly make my day better.  After class, we had brunch with my parents at Terrace Cafe.  Why do we not go here more often?  For the price, quantity, and taste this place knocks it out of the park.  The only problem with this restaurant is that it is a little fancier than a kid friendly restaurant (we had trouble again with baby wanting to be all over the table, food, floor, etc.) photo 2-56After brunch, I utilized my best gardening resource (my mom) to help me pick out some new plants for our house. This turned into a family affair.  My daughter and I had a great time at Lowes picking out flowers with grandma and grandpa. photo 3-45To top off this beautiful Sunday in Charlotte, my husband broke out the grill and made dinner for my parents and I.  Since we were due for a CostCo trip, we stopped by the store on Saturday to stock up for our usual Sunday dinner.  It is here that I introduce the CostCo cilantro shrimp.  Fellow Flywheel instructor, Denise Duffy, served this to us at a get together at her house and we were hooked.  Delicious alone OR you can add this to a recipe.  They are cooked and seasoned for you! photo 1-58We grilled flank steak, chicken and corn.  Since steak doesn’t taste as good reheated, we used the flank steak to make steak sandwiches.  What an absolutely delicious, casual way to enjoy Sunday evening.  Charlotte – It truly feels good to be home!photo 2-57

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