My Quick and Easy Baked Chicken Recipe + Mother’s Day Weekend

Wow, the meaning of mother’s day has officially reached a new level for me now that I have my own child.  As I have mentioned several times this week, this was the first weekend that I started teaching a 6:15 AM class at Flywheel on Saturdays (my afternoon classes got cancelled for the summer).  Let me first say, I love this time slot.  I also need to thank our baby sitter for offering to come over so early in the morning, which allows me to teach first thing.  My husband also has a workout group going on at 6:00 AM, so having her come is a LIFE SAVER.

photo 1-40

After class, my husband met us back at the house and took us all out to breakfast.  My daughter clearly absolutely adores our babysitter.  Look at that smile! Our outdoor plans for my first Saturday afternoon not teaching were derailed when it started pouring down rain after lunch.  Instead of spending time outside, we opted to do all of our Sunday errands that afternoon.  That meant taking a trip to the baby store.  Ya’ll going on a shopping spree for my child makes me more happy than going on one for myself.

photo 4-18She is starting to eat jarred food.  Before I start making a ton of food, I want her to try several new things in a small jar (so I don’t ultimately end up throwing things I make away).  I can’t get over all of the awesome flavors they have for babies.  We spent way too much time in that store, but because it is relatively far from our house, we decided to stock up (they also had a great Mother’s Day sale going on!)

photo 2-40

With all of our errands taking up several hours of the afternoon and our large breakfast, we never really had the urge to stop to eat lunch.  By five o’clock we were reaching the point of “hangry” (you know so hungry you get irritated).  We opted to try Cowfish.  Reason being, this place is incredibly difficult to get a table at without waiting for at least an hour if you don’t go early enough (there are no reservations).  We thought it would be early enough that we could get a table.  We thought wrong.  Thank god our baby tolerates change pretty well.  We waited almost 45 minutes before we finally sat down.  The great service and timely meals made us forget about the long wait for a table.  See our sushi rolls above.  They even have Allagash!

photo 3-30This place was packed!  So packed that it took several attempts for my husband to get a half way decent picture of my daughter and I on my first Mother’s Day dinner.

photo 5-8After a big dinner and dessert Saturday night, I was ready to ride this morning!  Get this. The studio had roses for all of the moms as they walked out of the studio.  If you were feeling it, you could even grab a mimosa.  I couldn’t wait to get home to spend the day with my family.  The first thing that I saw when I walked in the house put a big smile on my face.  Not only had my daughter helped my husband make breakfast, but they had also put out some gifts for me.

13437_900783794953_5840157_nIt is sort of surreal to me that I am lucky enough to be able to celebrate this special holiday with my family.  Having my own daughter has opened up my eyes to how amazing life can actually be.  I do want to take a second to also say Happy Mother’s day to my mom and my mother in law.  You all both love me in a way that so unselfish.  I can only hope that one day I will have the same relationship with my daughter.

Sunday Recipe – With all of that said, I promised earlier in the week to post my super, EASY baked chicken recipe.  Prep to finish less than 20 minutes. Here we go.

Ingredients –

  • Chicken breast – If you buy the whole chicken breast, slice in half.
  • Bread crumbs – Use italian for extra flavor or plain.
  • 2 Tbsp of melted butter

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Spray pan with cooking spray.  Take each piece of chicken, dip in melted butter, dip in bread crumbs, place on baking sheet.  Cook on one side for 5-7 minutes.  Flip the chicken over and cook another 10 minutes.  When I pull the chicken out of the oven the final time, I usually will cut into the thickest slice of chicken to make sure it is cooked all of the way.  You almost have to time it perfect.  Overcooking chicken is awful!

Hint – If you don’t want to use butter, dipping straight in the bread crumbs works too.  The butter just adds a little additional flavor and crunchiness to the chicken.

photo 1-38You don’t just have to eat this plain either.  The same night that I made this chicken, I chopped it, through it in a bowl with brown rice and bag of heated vegetables.




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