“Out and Back” Run + Flywheel + Allagash

In case you missed yesterday’s blog, I had a great write up about how a good friend of mine has balanced maintaining her fitness level through several professional changes in her life. Very relatable! In fact, in preparing the post about what motivates her, I found motivation to complete my workout yesterday morning. Since my husband and I split days on who gets the very early shift to work out, I had planned to be the one that would go first Thursday. However, I knew by the time that I went to bed on Wednesday night that he was going to be the one going. Does anyone else find Million Dollar Listing New York entertaining? Why does that show suck me in? I didn’t go to bed until 10PM.

photo 1-39I know, excuses, excuses. I let my husband take the very early shift to workout, while I continued sleeping. When my regular alarm went off at 6 AM and the baby had still not budged, I decided I would get dressed to go for a run as soon as my husband got home. Once you have a baby, as you start to get familiar with a schedule, you can really plan things out to the minute. My husband walked in the door at 6:30AM, he gave me the Garmin running watch (in return for the baby monitor), and I was out the door on a run. I was sore from my Wednesday workout, and I knew I had a long weekend of classes ahead, so I stuck to a moderately paced thirty minute “out and back” run. By “out and back” I mean I ran out 15 minutes, and then essentially started to make my way back home over a similar route. I came in a tick under 3.75 miles in a little less than thirty minutes. Really it was totally worth it and just what I needed.

photo 2-39

photo 3-29On my lunch break, I took a stroll up to the plaza in front of the Hearst Tower. They were having a health fair, in which several local fitness, food and beauty vendors were giving out information. The best part about the fair was that our own Carrie Kaschak was teaching a barre class in the middle of it all! I stopped by the Flywheel booth for a little bit to chat up some of the benefits of Flywheel and Flybarre to those that wanted learn more. We were giving out some great gifts, including a 5 pack of classes (this is HUGE, I’m talking an $80 value). Great turnout. I hope that some of the people that stopped by decide to come check out a class!

photo 4-17After work, I was surprised to find a package outside of our front door. One of our favorite breweries (Allagash) had sent us a sample of several of our favorite beers. My husband can be a “beer snob”. On the weekend (and some week days), we do enjoy sitting on the front porch having a cold beverage. It just so happens that a few years ago, we fell in love with Allagash White (a wheat beer that tastes good to ladies and men – not too heavy). I contacted the brewery recently about doing something special for my husband on our anniversary, and to my surprise I came home to quite the sample. Ladies – this made my husband’s day. We had promised no gifts, so something as small as having his favorite beers shipped to his door step was the best thing that I could have gotten him. It sure doesn’t take a lot to put a smile on someone’s face. Thank you Allagash!

photo 5-7I wanted to bring this story up, because I think it is important for people to recognize balance in a fit life. Being fit doesn’t require giving up the things that you enjoy. That is one of the reasons why I work out. This is a perfect lead into Friday Flywheel. When I walked into the studio this morning, the first thing that I saw was a sign that said Charlotte Smarty Pants had voted Flywheel Charlotte the “Best Queen City Workout”! True, true, true. All of the talk that I have been doing about this workout was clearly not biased. The awards speak for themselves.

With that said, I leave you the reminder that there are plenty of open bikes for the 6:15 AM on Saturday and the 7:30 AM on Sunday.

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