Wednesday “Lunch” Workout

Well, the Childress Klein Y continues to impress me with the introduction of new equipment. In a prior post about my lunch time workout, I told you they were in the process of piecing together a core/strength training room. In just a few days, they have totally transformed the space that I worked out in the last time that I blogged about the facility.

photo 4-16Warm up – Since I completed this workout during the middle of my work day, I wanted to make sure I was properly warmed up and loose. I started my stopwatch when I started my warm up. My warm up was simply a moderate one mile run around the track. I didn’t start out too fast, but I gradually built up into a steady pace.

photoWorkout – I did not venture out of the space with all of the new equipment. I actually had to adjust the workout that I had originally planned because of how much more stuff was there this time that I did not anticipate. I completed the following exercises sequentially in a “circuit” 3 times through. Everything from warm up to finish was a tick under 30 minutes.

photo 1-37

1 – Kettle bell Push Press – This gym has a wide variety of weight ranges to use for kettle bells, so there is no reason why you need a dumbbell (unless you are doing this at a location that doesn’t have kettle bells). Start holding Kettle bell in your left hand at shoulder height so that your elbow is close to your body and the weight is hanging such that it touches the top of your hand (not your palm). Feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent. As you straighten your legs, flex your core, and press the weight overhead until your arm is straight. Do 10. Repeat on right side.

2 – Box Step Up with Bicep Curl – Before starting this exercise make sure that you have a box to step up on that is high or low enough that when you step one foot up on the box, your knee is bent at a 90 degree angle. Begin with the box in front of you, feet together, weight in both hands by your side. Step your right foot onto the box. As you straighten you right leg, bring your left leg up on to the box and complete your bicep curl. Step down back to starting. Do 10 each leg.

Modification – To make this harder, instead of just bringing my left leg up to standing on the box, I would bring my left leg through center by driving my knee up (while completing my bicep curl). This will really work the core.

3- Kettle bell Push up Row – Start in a push up position with your left hand grasping the kettle bell’s handle. Row kettle bell to the side of your chest while rotating into a side plank. Reverse to return to start. That is 1. Do 10 each side.

Modification – I needed to make this harder. Instead of doing 10 each side, I did 5 on one side, then 5 more with a pushup added in each time I returned to start on the same side. Repeat on the other side.

4- Box Jumps – For my box jumps, I used a higher box than the one that I used for step ups. To maximize the effects of this exercise, you want to try to set the height such that it requires you to explode off the ground. Using not only your legs, but your abs and your arms. This is a simple exercise. Standing in front of the box, use both legs to explode up and land softly in the middle of the box. Do 15.

5 – Dips/Tricep Kickback – I am not going lie, after a few sets of box jumps, I had to take a breather before dips. I didn’t anticipate having a dip bar prior to planning my workout, so to my surprise, I added the dips in. You can use assistance here, but instead, I did 5 unassisted dips then 10 tricep kickbacks.

6 – TRX Plank Position Abs – Yes, I am so happy that I can utilize this type of equipment at the Y! I took several pictures of modifications for this exercise. Start in a pushup position, feet suspended in foot cradles. Drive knees into chest. Do 10.

photo 2-37After doing 10 knee drives, do 10 pike ups from the same starting position. Feel the burn!

photo 3-27

This workout kicked my butt and revved my metabolism.  How did I fuel?  Check out the blog this weekend to see my baked chicken recipe that takes less than 20 minutes to prep and cook.

photo 1-38

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