Wells Fargo Championship + Weekend Updates

Wow, what an amazing weekend of weather in Charlotte.  We are right on the verge of summer. It’s not too hot and not too cold.  The Wells Fargo Championship was in town this week, so we spent both weekend days checking out the action.  Knowing I was going to be consumed by golf all day Saturday (and have a few drinks), I opted to stop by Flywheel to ride first thing in the morning.  I am biased, but this is the most effective and efficient way to burn a significant amount of calories in Charlotte.  Bring it Power Hour!

photo 1-34

We brought the baby to the tournament on Saturday.  As I am sure that many of you know, the hardest part about bringing a baby is making sure you pack everything.  We decided to bring the jogging stroller in hopes that she might sleep while we walked.  We were lucky enough to have passes to terrace seating.  Good and bad.  We had somewhere to sit that was comfortable, but we were right on the green (so I was constantly worried my daughter might yell in the middle of a putt).  Thankfully, we made it almost five hours with her at the tournament.

photo 1-33

Turkey sliders provided in the Terrace seats.

I do want to take a second to address food at the tournament.  If you spend all day there it is inevitable that you will need to eat.  In the terrace seats that we had, the food was AMAZING. Word on the street is that this food is even better than the clubhouse (it is subbed out).  If you can snag tickets to these seats they are worth it.  Unlimited drinks (most importantly water) and food.  If you just have a grounds ticket and are looking for food out on the course, they do offer fruit and yogurt at major concession stands.

photo 3-25

After pushing/carrying around baby for four hours, I began to realize that I didn’t need to do a workout prior to going to the tournament.  Walking the course with all of this equipment was a workout in itself.  Rolling, steep hills.  I will keep this in mind going forward since I hope this won’t be the last time we take our daughter with us.  The best part about the tournament is that we almost always run into people that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Sunday – That brings me to Sunday.  I taught my usual Sunday morning Flywheel class.  I can’t tell you how great teaching first thing in the morning is.  The first class that I teach after I ride with another instructor is always a tough one.  Riding in class allows me to get new ideas for my rides.  This morning’s ride was tough, but the riders responded well!

photo 2-33Post-ride we stopped at a local favorite, Toast, for breakfast.  How about an egg white veggie stuffed omelet, wheat toast, and some turkey bacon?  Hit the spot.

photo 2-34We left the baby at home Sunday while we went to the tournament.  We had terrace passes again, so we had a chance to enjoy a delicious lunch and snacks in the afternoon.

photo 4-14I got too much sun within the first hour of being there, so we spent a lot of time in the covered seats.  We had a great view of the golfers coming down the 14th hole, as well as, the 17th hole across the water.  Overall, we had a great time ultimately because our daughter behaved and the weather was awesome.  This is an event that we look forward to every year (it is sort of the kick off to spring in Charlotte).



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