Thursday Recovery + Good Eats

Wow, I have had a great week of strength/core training.  Here’s the recap:

MondayComplete at home body weight circuit under thirty minutes.

photo 4

Tuesday Throwback YMCA lunch workout (also under 30 minutes) with a Crossfit kind of feel.

photo 4-13

Wednesday Functional Core Training at SmartCore Fitness


By Thursday I could tell my body needed a recovery day.  I opted to go for a short run before work just to loosen up my legs and hopefully work out some of the soreness from the week.  Yes, I was extremely sore from SmartCore, but like I have said before, being sore is a sign that I worked outside of my comfort zone.  Love that.

photo 1-32

I have started to realize over the years that it is very difficult for me to dial it down (even when I intend to recover), so my pace was much faster than I really wanted it to be.  Either way, it was just what I needed to clear my mind before work.  Isn’t it funny how doing something for just less than thirty minutes can significantly impact the way that you approach your day?

photo 2-32

I had to work from home Thursday, mainly because my daughter was not feeling well.  We still had a few leftovers from the week, so I threw together a hodge podge lunch of grilled chicken, roasted squash, baked sweet potatoes, some cooked carrots, and a little bit of cheese.  I love to get creative with food.  Hence why most of my recipes don’t really have an accurate list of ingredients.  When you are in a time crunch, the last thing you want to do is measure things out.  This was ready in five minutes.

Friday workout – After several days off the bike and away from Flywheel (plus a recovery day), I was ready to ride this morning!  I love doing short intervals rides, but the ride this morning was more of a long, progressive acceleration ride.  Think long flat sprints mixed with long heavy hill pushes. How do these 5:30AM classes seem to go by so fast?  BIG torqboard competition which led to big numbers.   Great work!

GET THIS – My Saturday schedule will change next week.  We added a 6:15AM slot to Saturdays that is all mine now! I can’t even begin to tell you how pumped I am about this.



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