Monday “Travel Day” Workout + Sunday Catch Up

Ugh Monday. We are going through that phase with baby where she is reverting back to waking up some in the middle of the night.   Sometimes she needs food, sometimes she needs her diaper changed, and sometimes she just wants to let us know that she is awake. Who knows, she might even be teething. To get through this little patch, we have started taking turns each night based on who is going to the gym in the morning (For example, if I have to teach in the morning, my husband gets up in the middle of the night and vice versa). It might sound crazy, but this is the type of stuff you have to do to maintain your normal life.

photo 5

Typically, I would have a picture of my equipment used in the workout! There is none!

As I have mentioned before, I include “travel day” in parentheses to my Monday workout, because I like to think that my typical Monday workout is something that could be done on a day that you might be on the road or in a time crunch. After my rough night, I opted to sleep in later this morning, which left me with about thirty minutes to squeeze some strength in. If you notice in the picture above there is no equipment. Yes! You can totally do this in your hotel room or at your house (and believe me it will get your heart rate up).

photo 4

Workout came in a tad under thirty minutes. The meat of the workout is sort of monotonous, BUT it is effective. Check it out.

Warm up – As always, I start my stopwatch when I start my warm up. Today, I began by walking in place, slowly increasing the range of motion in my knee drive and arm movement. I went straight into some imperial walkers, side to side step touches and some deep body weight squats (arms extended to ceiling). I did have a long weekend of Flywheel classes, so I took a second to stretch out my quads and hamstrings through static stretches before starting.

Workout –

  • Burpee/Squat Combo – Yes, a spinoff of my burpee/kettle bell swing combo. Start by doing ten body weight squats. From there, do ten burpees. Work your way down the set until you get to 1 (so, your next set would be 9 squats, 9 burpees, etc.) The burpee part gets your heart rate up quick, so if this is your first time doing this, stick with 10. As you get better, you can start as high as 15-20.

Modification – If you have a kettle bell, you can do the kettle bell swings instead to boost your heart rate even more. If you start to fatigue on your burpees, lose the explosiveness (step one foot back at a time, do a pushup, step one foot back to staringt position at a time).

At this point, I was close to 18-20 minutes.  I really wanted to hit my glutes today, so I opted to do the following exercises in sequential order three times through.

  • Leg Whips – I accidentally ran into these exercises when scrolling through my Women’s Health Facebook news feed. Start in a hip bridge with hands extended to your sides. Your hips are raised off the ground, so that your body forms a straight line. Extend your right leg straight in the air, while keeping your left leg bent, foot on the floor. While keeping right leg straight in the hip bridge, lower the right leg as far as you can to the side without letting your hips move. All about control. Do 10 each side.
  • Sprinter Sit ups – I wanted to do a core exercise here that didn’t utilize equipment. Start laying flat on your back, legs straight, and arms by your side with your elbows bent at 90 degrees. In a powerful quick motion, sit up, twist your upper body to the right and bring your right knee toward your left elbow. That’s 1. Do 20 each side. Think quick and powerful. Who knew that you could get out of breath doing sit ups?
  • Clam Digs – Lie on your right side, head cradled in your right hand. Bend your knees in front of you at a 45 degree angle. Lift  your left leg up to the ceiling. Left leg should be a a 90 angle (keeping hips stacked without rocking backwards). Do 10 each side.
  • Side Balance Crunch – Balance yourself so that your right hand is on the floor, arm is straight, and your right leg is extended straight (with foot on floor). Hips should be raised such that your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. In this position, pull your left knee toward your torso and left elbow toward your knee. Straighten arm and leg. Repeat on opposite side. Do 10 each side.

I saw this awesome tip on twitter this weekend – “It’s not the length of your workout but the intensity. If you do the right things a 45 minute workout can be better than three hours at the gym”.   Amen. The workout above was far more intense than anything that I used to do at the gym on a machine. Be effective!

Sunday Catch up

photo 1-29

We continued our weekend of food, friends, family and Flywheel Sunday. After an awesome Flywheel block party on Saturday evening, I was surprised to see some of my neighbors that were at the party in my Sunday 7:30 AM class. Love it! Through talking to many riders outside of the studio, I realized that the Charlotte studio is full of some very intense athletes that always want more. Well, if you ask, you shall receive. Sunday’s opening ride was TOUGH. Strong climbs, fast sprints. This group owned it. By the way, if you didn’t notice there is a ton of awesome gear for sale in the studio. If you happen to spend $100, you get the beautiful floral print bag shown above.

photo 2 Post ride, we grabbed brunch at another local breakfast spot. After several rides in a 24 hour period, my breakfast was not the healthiest, but I did try to sub some things to make it better (egg whites instead of eggs, no cheese but veggies in my omelet, turkey sausage instead of pork). It’s the little things that do make a difference.

photo 3-23

The rest of the afternoon was Grandpa Dufresne time. His granddaughters love him as much as they love each other. Sunday dinner was family time. Too much food, but it will come in handy when I attempt to make some baby food this week! It should be interesting. I will keep you posted.

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