Monday Weights Circuit + Refresh

Since we gave up sweets for Lent, we overdid it Sunday. I’m talking, I even had cake and ice cream for dinner (who needs real food?). Bad move. My body was definitely not ready for the shock of such a different type of diet. Today I needed a good reset. However, I’m definitely not going to dwell on my bad decisions all weekend. Today was all about waking up to a good workout and getting back on track with foods that I am used to eating.

Workout today was a little different than usual. I was tired this morning. Not just sleep deprived tired, but tired of doing some of the same exercises (including burpees and kettle bells). I utilized several pieces of equipment, however, most of the exercises you can do without the equipment pictured.

photo 2-23

Warm up – I start my stop watch when I start my warm up. I walked in place for about thirty seconds, gradually increasing the range of motion in my knee drive and arm movement. From there, I did some side to side step touches, body weight hamstring curls, body weight squats, some jumping jacks, and some body weight lunges. All in all, it took me about three minutes to feel loose.

photo 1-5

Workout – I did a little mini circuit today. Complete one set of each exercise in the progression listed below three times. I took my time moving between exercises because some of them did make me breathless.

1 – Explosive Lunges (1 minute) – Start standing with feet together. Lunge your right leg forward. Jump up, switch legs, and land with your left leg in forward lunge. Continue explosive lunges, alternating sides. Your front knee should always be bent at a 90 degree angle.

Modification – If the jumping is too much for you or you start to fatigue before 1 minute is over, you can take the jump out. Do the forward lunge and step back into the standing position. These will get your heart rate up.

2 – Pushup Position Hammer Curl – In a pushup position, hold a dumbbell in each hand (hands facing each other). Curl weight in your left hand toward your left shoulder. Lower and repeat with right side. Continue alternating sides. 10 each side.

3 – Cross Crunch on foam roller or floor – Lay on foam roller such that it extends from your hips to your shoulders. You can do this exercise with a weight or with body weight. Crunch across the body, lifting your shoulder across the body. Do 10 each side.

Modification – Cross crunches on the floor.

4- Alternate Mountain Climber on Bosu with Bosu Burpee – This exercise was a circuit in itself (and HARD).

  • 20 mountain climbers (with the flat side of the Bosu facing up)
  • 10 Bosu burpees (flat side of Bosu facing up) – Bring your body down into a squat while grabbing both side of Bosu. Kick legs and feet out behind you to plank position. I did a pushup here. Return your feet to original squat position. From this position, jump up, extend arms over your head.

Modification – If you don’t have a Bosu, do these on the floor (both mountain climbers and burpees).

5 – Dumbbell Squats – As easy as it sounds.  Hold a dumbbell in each hand by your side.  Lower into a squat until thighs are parallel with floor.   Do 10-12.

6 – Swiss ball, dumbbell, lying tricep extension – Lie on swiss ball so middle and upper back are supporting you. Feet are planted flat on floor. Raise hips so they are in line with the rest of your body. You will feel this in your legs. Raise dumbbells above your head, so that your palms are facing each other. Lower dumbbells until forearms are just past parallel to floor without moving upper arms. Do 10-12.

Modification – Do these standing if you do not have a swiss ball.

7 – Dead Bug on Bosu with Crunch– Place Bosu rounded side up.  Lay with lower back on the middle of the Bosu.  Bring legs up such that knees are bent at a ninety degree angle and knees are directly over your hips.  Raise hands to ceiling, straight arms.  From here I do 10 crunches total.

Modification – If you don’t have a Bosu, you can do this on the floor as well.

I spent the last minute of my workout holding a wall squat. Burn it out!

I thought that I would share some more pictures from our special Easter lunch yesterday. I can really tell the difference in photo quality when I use my nice camera. I am so happy that I took the time to pull it out. These cameras are really worth the investment. In the long run, you can save hundreds of dollars not getting professional photos done because the quality is just the same with a good camera.

IMG_1030 IMG_1050 IMG_0941 IMG_0999 IMG_1001

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