Thursday/Friday workout + Celebrations

After my Wednesday bootcamp workout, I was more sore than I expected to be. I love that feeling. It means I took myself out of my comfort zone, which means I gained something from my workout. Since I got to work out before work Wednesday morning, it was my husband’s turn Thursday. I took Tuesday off this week, so I forced myself to get up to do a mini workout in the basement.

photo 1-4

Thursday workout was exactly thirty minutes. I overestimated how much I thought might body could handle (which is not unusual for me). Things always feel easy when I start, but I typically regret my high ambitions half way through my workout when I hit the wall and realize that I am too proud to cut a few reps. Once I have started, I have to push through. Usually when I hit this point in the workout, I remember the words on a Nike shirt that I bought several years ago: “Suck it up”.

photo 2-18

With all of that said, I think you are ready to hear the workout. I utilized 2 pieces of equipment. You really only need dumbbells if you do not have kettle bells.

Warm up
I start my watch when I start my warm up. I began by walking in place, gradually increasing the motion of my arms. From there, I did some imperial walkers, side to side step touches, body weight hamstring curls and ended with a set of jumping jacks.


1 – Kettle bell swings/burpees superset – I have been on a kick of doing this super set of kettle bell swings with burpees. You typically start by doing 10 kettle bell swings, followed by 10 burpees and work your way day down. Therefore, next set would be 9 kettle bell swings, followed by 9 burpees, etc. Well, today I decided I should start at 15 and work my way down. By the time I was done I had completed 120 pushups and 120 kettle bell swings. It took me almost 18 minutes to do this. Full disclosure: By the time I got to 8 reps each, I was no longer explosive with my burpees (i.e. I stepped one foot back at a time, did a pushup, stepped one foot at a time back to standing and then jumped). I do not wear a heart rate monitor, but in between sets, my heart was racing (and I was sweating). If you are tired of running on the treadmill, try this.

2 – Dumbbell Bicep Curls – Since I had already hit the twenty minute mark with my first set of exercises, I didn’t have much time left, plus I was tired, so I wanted to isolate a few muscle groups that I missed in my kettle bell swing/burpee combo. Do the circuit of exercises 2-5 three times through.  Easy as the name implies, dumbbell bicep curls. Do 10.

3 – Dumbbell Straight Leg Ab Extension – Lay flat on your back, legs extended, holding a dumbbell with both hands behind your head. As you raise you dumbbell such that is parallel with the floor raise your legs (straight) at the same time. Do 10.

Modification – Bend one leg, with foot flat on floor, while you raise the other leg up (straight). If you feel your back start to arch, move to this modification.

4 – Side Tricep Pushup – Lie on right side with left hand flat on floor in front of shoulder, elbow bent. Wrap right arm around rib cage. Using left arm, push your torso up until arms is straight. Lower upper body until should is about an inch from the floor.  Do 10 each side.

5 – Single Leg Butt Lift – I used my stairs to do this exercise. Lying on your back, start with heel of one foot placed on top of the stair (you can use a Bosu or medicine ball as well) and the other leg raised in the air towards the ceiling. Hands are by your side. Press your body up through your heel, squeezing your glute at the top. Ideally, at the height of the movement, your body should be in a straight line from shoulders to knees. Do 10-12 each leg.

Whew, just what I needed to get the day going! We have a lot of family coming in town this weekend for the Easter holiday.  We are also celebrating some big birthdays in our house.

My baby girl is six months old already!

My baby girl is six months old already!

My twin Dufresne sister Colleen!

My twin Dufresne sister Colleen!


My best friend and husband!

With lent being over, I can guarantee we will be eating a significant amount of sweets to celebrate.  Thursday evening was very busy, so we opted to grab takeout at one of our favorite local restaurants.

If you haven’t had Roasting Company, it is so delicious.  Pictured above is the Chicken and Rice meal (sauce on side), with green beans, white bean stew and cornbread.  You can make this place as healthy or unhealthy as you want it to be, but the casual atmosphere allows you to stop by and pick up your food in sweats.  Love that!  Clearly my daughter was looking for other snacks.

photo 2-19Well, this post is long, but there is too much to talk about.  Friday morning Dawn Patrol at Flywheel was so fun!  How can you not be ready for a good workout when you are greeted by these two beautiful girls?

photo 5-2Numbers were lower today because of the holiday and Spring break, but that did not stop new rider, Kirk, from joining us bright and early.  Love the selflies!

1014479_749666491744733_1942405898605214005_nIf you are in town for the holiday, come ride.  We have SO many classes this weekend. Weather is cooler the next few days, and did I mention that Flywheel Charlotte was voted the hardest workout in Charlotte? Get it in!!

photo 4-6




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